8 methods of promoting Shanghai dragon hidden off site spider crawling

hidden off that the design of the internal links the initial intention is to increase the search engine the opportunity, if always let the search engine spiders have a heap of dead links and repetitive links ruandingzi, it lost the original good intentions.


web design over fancy, too much flash and large capacity for pictures, when browsing the web is easy to cause the open speed slow, Changsha Shanghai Longfeng believe that we should make a strong sense of design, and the open speed website, should be in the design of the site at the beginning of planning must be good.

authority and related sites usually have made search engine spiders trust and attention, if appropriate for exposure on the web site of the opportunity, also a relative increase in the spider will focus to your site’s opportunity.

2. regularly updated website articles and the contents of

Independent titles and keywords and description tags

a good title and meta tags is to attract the search engine spiders door key tasks, you can increase the chance of the spider crawling titles and keywords, design and planning of each page to describe meta tags.


4. "to maintain the simplicity, speed up the web opening speed of

to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools. The use of tools to observe the current site of the Shanghai dragon state such as love, Shanghai statistical tools, good at any time for the status quo of adjustment, in order to facilitate the increase of the spider crawling opportunity.

through long-term observation Changsha website optimization Shanghai dragon, the search engine spiders love articles and content fresh, new website articles and content regularly regularly, can attract the search engine spiders often visit the opportunity.

as you often go to the store, if often is closed, it will continue to reduce the chance to visit you again. So the server to maintain normal operation is important to ensure that the search engine spiders can be obtained at each visit normal crawling opportunity.

has just started to contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the people, must be very curious about how to get the search engine spiders (search engines crawl the web to a program of love) increased to your web crawling opportunity, Changsha website optimization lurkers through this article to share with you 8 methods of engine spiders crawling search:

7. using the search engine itself the webmaster tools crawl speed and check the monitoring records of the

6. ensure good internal link structure, avoid dead links and repeat link

8. TXT >

3. to the authority and related websites to obtain external links

1. for each page

5. server often to maintain the normal operation of

search engine crawling