Can effectively guide the user through the way

: three page summary of the end. What kind of products are completely. May not be infinite show down, which is not reachable. So. When the product is described at the end, also need to inform visitors. As a result, the story of the end.

visitors browsing depth is high, fully embody the website with readable content value. The long-term accumulation, weight increase, traffic will be significantly improved. Therefore, this is how to effectively guide the user, and then click two or more times. The main aspects, as follows:

2, a single product

  selective marker;


the above two kinds of guide logo, is now common for everyone. The concrete is to use what kind of guide signs, according to the website as the basis of industry. After all, the industry users need access to content concept is different. This is the need to consider the main page designers, more web page planners need to join in advance.

two: guide page two click the logo. This is also the need to specify. For example, a user accepts the current page, want to see some more. But can not find, this will lead to the loss of users. Therefore, relevance mark page, but also need to be clear. The following diagram is given a very good guide.

effective interpretation of the new product pictures, while the right side also fully demonstrate the product market. When the user browse time, should have two hits. Therefore, a screen page graphic display of information is particularly important. The basic contents of the website, are shown here. So, where is the value of the important points of the website.

This figure is


presumably, many web site optimization, have encountered a similar situation. Visitors to the home page, not two hits, but the choice is out of the page. Not the depth of browsing, Spider records. This phenomenon is the negative impact for the promotion website weight. So. How to design web pages to guide visitors two times on

: a value of the current page. Whether the user can browse the depth, this is particularly important. In other words, is a transformation of the reference point. So, the current page or home page, to show the value of content to users. For example, the user has to the latest information below:


1, a single product related marker

concluded that the flow rate and the weight of the site, or to enhance the conversion rate, can not be separated with the page. The page of the user experience, is particularly important. Of course, also points to get into the search engine. Then, the most important thing is to effectively retain users.