345 Shanghai Dragon Interpretation of reverse link errors

some people may want to argue, I stand in the optimization is very perfect, reverse links to the home page is enough, the spider will automatically grab all my page. If you are serious for the statistics of the words, you will find the site included rate of 70% has been quite good. Why backlinks to the content page, classification page, product page, the answer is: "how a class was named outstanding school class", make clear that the matter is very important, can be said to be a pressing matter of the moment.

Effect of

with the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon Er is essential to business personnel, although the domestic Shanghai dragon Er number every day in the substantial increase, but this does not mean that Shanghai Dragon technology is also rising, many people think that Shanghai dragon threshold is low, regardless of whether you have a base, can quickly get started. The Shanghai Dragon technology is such a thing, but build up the family fortunes, really? If so, then I would like to ask: domestic Er monthly income of tens of thousands of Shanghai dragon has several domestic Shanghai dragon Er can really put the Dragon Feng Qing Dao Ming said, how many people are there in · · ·

Other aspects of the Shanghai dragon

2, the most common site of reverse link building

1, the reverse link in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process

return to the topic at the present stage, the reverse link construction work most of Shanghai dragon Er focus on the home page, whether it is a hyperlink, or anchor text to URL address directly to the front page of the site, this approach is largely misleading industry novice, the home page ranking is important, but the column page, content page the product page is quite important.

we do not say, Shanghai dragon has several stages also aside, just on the topic of "reverse link" and we discuss

in the webmaster circles, the most essential is Shanghai dragon related data, news, experience and methods. But each share experiences seem to have been very busy, do not have too much time to share their experience to the novice friends. Almost all of the share is all about some theoretical knowledge, I do not deny the importance of theoretical knowledge, but it is taboo to spread hundreds of thousands of times the industry information, skills and methods, and some Shanghai dragon Er is never willing to tell the truth, afraid of their own experience is plagiarism, afraid of their own experience than abuse this is our performance, that means you will have a treadmill, unable to progress.

I love to a web site to a class, love the search engine to the school, while the station / Shanghai Longfeng Er is a teacher. To fully understand the role of reverse link, it is necessary to solve a class to be selected as the best school class! I think, if you can make the things clear, understand the whole, then the reverse link exists meaning was very clear.

3, how to allocate the reverse.