Shark Site Title How to write better optimization

3, title in the optimization of words try not to too much control in the 3-5 within. Too little, the weight of the home page will waste too much weight, too scattered is not conducive to the keywords ranking. On this point, you can see my "search engine"

in accordance with the above words, it is not the title can write? Of course not, write the title or some restrictions.

4, title do not go to.

maybe you are not familiar with website optimization, but I think you’re somehow wrote the article! In fact, the title is written title writing, the article summarizes the contents with a few simple words. The title of the site is, he is used to tell the search engines, tell the user of your site to do what you can, what kind of service. So from this aspect, what do you use symbols ("_" "|" "-" "," ") the impact on the user experience is not much, have a great impact on the search engine ranking is not natural. If you do any programming, it is easy to understand, usually a complete program will have a parser can parse out some special symbols. Love Shanghai also has the function of the program, and I believe the analytic symbols with improved search engine algorithm is increasing. Now we can know the title of the "_" "|" "-" "," love can be parsed into space in Shanghai.

In order to confirm the above what is the difference?

, I guess, with a little experiment to prove it. The experiment is very simple, a popular word search, judging by the number of search results page of the difference between each symbol. Are the "beauty salons" _ "beauty salon |" "beauty salon" "beauty salon", "beauty" and "beauty", "beauty salon beauty salon" @ # ""… Results showed that there were various combinations, check out the search results page is "love Shanghai, find relevant web pages about 93900000", and the front page site ranking didn’t change what. Through this simple test, we found that most of the analysis of the title of symbols can be very good for the love of Shanghai space. So you don’t need to tangle with what symbols more favorable optimization, this effect is very little.

is often Shanghai Longfeng novice asked: the title of the site how to write? What are the rules? How to write more conducive to optimization? "_" "|" "-" "," or other symbols

1, title word limit, Shanghai love can usually read 56 bytes, or 28 Chinese characters. Other search engines slightly higher, but most of the 30 Chinese characters for all optimization, so you try to search engine optimization control in 56 bytes.

cake principle analysis

2, title in addition to your website operation direction, is also used to optimize the key words, so the title can naturally embedded you optimization keywords, is very helpful to the ranking.