Disposition shallow talk Shanghai dragon industry and the source of evil and attitude

The period of development of

has learned Shanghai dragon, whether from head to foot, or the foot of the head, if in a certain time accumulation reached no income, so in a timely manner to attractive potato, how many people will have to give up the idea. The so-called high theory, often may be a mind adjustment.

A.: spontaneous


quality problems will not only affect our business growth rate, and will cause a major blow to the industry, although the whole society is slowly repair quality of.

industry, has a key position, this position is the convergence of business site, it is grafted development relationship between the customer and the company, will also drive the individual small areas of the industry in a humble position of the grassroots, enough to affect the entire industry business think of the chain, not the quality of the clerk, or how much time you can say that the top salesman, in the negotiations, those high-profile employment will be a moment to wash their hands, and cater to the next customer, which play a role in the operation of power is often money quality, rather than more business the quality of company thought is for the development of the company, customers want more to want to spend some value, rather than send these look decent company To please the eye of more industry.

do like between Shanghai dragon friends know big abuse white hat Shanghai dragon, is a long, slow onset, but the rapid effect of another is the industry rules and draw further apart the customer wants the imagination, feel that this is not difficult in the entire industry, like those who said the low quality of business customers perhaps, your demand is too high, that money can do, but in the white society, money can not be quick work, but it is absolutely possible to work, otherwise it is not the mainstream market popular white hat, black hat but more deceptive or other speculative market.

But the marginal effects of these

seems to be run away in this impetuous society, always inadvertently it will find a two, this is bad, they are always those in many places.

1. professional quality


2. run away But the

China Shanghai dragon industry from 2002 to 2008 in succession development, mature to today’s market, search Shanghai dragon can be found all kinds of mature enterprises, Shanghai Longfeng tools, extension services, optimization platform, can be said that the industry has been to a very mature stage, and mature industry means will slowly into the slow stage and lags behind the development of era, not only that, the development of the business chain in the industry has also appeared in a variety of broken phenomenon, and even run away phenomenon.


b: is intimidation: