Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to grasp the key trade-off

, according to the key words to choose their own factorsThe main factors of

everyone has a greedy heart, Shanghai dragon Er too, want to put all the words make up a good idea, but it is difficult to become a reality, in the choice of key words, people should learn to think of its choice, choice of keywords to consider from three aspects:

in real life, a lot of things that are not possible at the same time. For example, we have an enviable love, perhaps not very ideal work; we can work very hard, perhaps lost on the other half of the concern, although sometimes very want to get everything ready, but a person’s strength is limited, it is difficult to do all aspects of the pink of perfection. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the choice of keywords that, when we optimize a website, always want to do some more words, let them have the rankings, let your website can have more traffic, but is often counterproductive, not only did not put all the keywords to do, even the most important words no ranking, in the course of time, become a reluctant to mention the events of the past.

three, according to the conversion rate of

can be divided into two kinds: one is the Shanghai Dragon technology, if he is a novice rookie, due to the lack of the knowledge of the industry and technology, in the choice of keywords should focus on the key words that competitive small and easy to optimization, and the optimization of the key words not too more than one or two, which is very helpful to the optimization of confidence. The two is a matter of personal time, everyone’s time and energy is limited, many owners are working during the day, go home at night to engage in site, we found that the time is actually very limited, limited only things in this limited time, must be considered in the choice of keywords is the problem, if there is enough time to optimize.

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site weight to an important role for the keyword ranking, it is no wonder that many people will say, as long as the site has the weight of what things are good! Indeed, a weight high site in the optimization of the key words than others advantage is very obvious, in the choice of keywords, you can choose those keyword, general a flow of words are more competitive, but our website is strong enough, in the competition to their advantage can be talent shows itself.

two, according to the website weight selection keywords

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website in addition to the flow and conversion rate, especially for some sell products to sell service website, there is no traffic conversion rate, more are equal to zero, the choice of words, we can also analyze each of those keywords, keywords conversion rate is relatively high, we should be recorded. What is not what keywords relationship to user conversion, we should eliminate this objective choice of reasonable layout, play a multiplier effect in our optimization.