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love told the Shanghai standard of the chain chain diversification helps to improve

A chain of the information

love Shanghai chain standard revealed a web site outside of the chain can’t be garbage, cheat, invalid outside the chain, but also can not rely on some incorrect behavior of the construction of the chain, which caused widespread ponder the webmaster, as a webmaster can love Shanghai revealed this information into the chain website the chain must be diversified, diversification can help to enhance the site’s ranking. We can see a lot of sites with signature in some forums, web site automatic replies and so on, the construction speed of the chain is also very fast, often in a month you can build a chain of tens of thousands of, and these the chain useful? No, because the love of Shanghai is not recognized, but the chain has diversified love can make Shanghai feel the sincerity of the webmaster, so as to provide the impetus for the website rankings.


although many site program is now free, but behind this there are also a lot of free thinking, free resources to help improve website rankings? As a webmaster in the process of establishment of the station should have the Shanghai Dragon Technology and code of skilled degree, a website should establish a variety of code the form, such as 403, 404, set the NOL tag set, all code calls and so on, through the code in the form of diversification let love Shanghai search engine of the website that is independent of the procedure and technology, so as to lay the foundation for the site in love in Shanghai impression, to understand the love of Shanghai is crawling the web web code but, in the code to work on is to help a way of website promotion.

from the 25 love Shanghai public information can be seen in the love of Shanghai on site outside the chain is more and more perfect, attributed to one point: the chain must be diversified. For example, previous methods by the forum signature, the establishment of the chain blog search engine has gradually been eliminated, the previous single by Links, sending machine chain was also set up a search engine that is cheating methods, from which we can see: the site outside the chain must be varied by.


every day now will appear in different industries, whether these events for society is good or bad, but for a webmaster to seize the hot events will contribute to the website rankings. We can now see many sites with the help of a hot industry to improve the included, this practice has caused us to ponder: love Shanghai as a search engine, the website is hot events it needs to create news and user needs more in the content industry, so as a webmaster in website operation process should also perform a variety of publicity and content editing seize the hot events, so as to lay a good foundation for the website rankings.


hot events contribute to the diversification of website promotion


code in the form of diversification helps to improve the technical quality of love Shanghai