Why two months of the site has been difficult to collect

website to provide users I analyzed, advanced into his website gave me the first impression is that this website programmer is certainly pit goods to the bottom of the dislocation, so ugly website also published, this is not one of the real reasons, the original degree is too bad, I casually in this website users to copy the contents of a brief introduction, put in a love Shanghai search, a list of the first page appear similar is 100% similar, this is obviously a copy of the station, and then take this netizen love Shanghai domain name search, the chain number five a finger can be counted, it is clear that this is the lazy one, the lack of execution, what is not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


site is not included one thing is really a headache, I think many webmasters have encountered such a situation! It makes many owners are very worried, because it is not included on the surface has been that the website itself to the search engine friendly is not how, but this is many webmaster the problems encountered by the Shanghai dragon city did not do a website or website to submit to the major search engines are generally two days will be included home page, content page will also gradually be included in it, is the method, not the new station is difficult to be found in the search engine under the Shanghai love, even if it is difficult to find included, you have to get a good in what place, if you do it the right way, is not included, the author of Shanghai dragon is empty Do the test, this method proposed to the users in the solution to the problem and then inform you! Then we’ll take a look at the users what the problem is

framework is a problem, the problem in the procedure, this website put on the Internet, even the children do not love the site, even if your game is standing, children are likely to have visual fatigue, not to mention an intelligent search engine, search engine is more and more close to human nature the review, is also extremely careful than human beings, so that the users before the line on the website "

) ! !

then I give the users the problems encountered after analysis suggested that the users how to solve the problem of

I a station now has more than two months, but until now have not been included, not previously encountered such a situation, also caused the chain, also updated the article, but is also not to be included or included has not been released, please friends who can help me, thank you (I am not to send the chain, I really do not know how to solve.

According to the

netizen "the memory of the fish" to the question:

: the first is not what sites are favored by a search engine


search engine is not included in your website on your website is not biased, but your search engine friendliness is very poor, not even your station is the cause of the new.

the Shanghai Dragon City: