On the station in the Shanghai Shanghai dragon love misunderstanding

Shanghai dragon in foreign countries has been very mature, in recent years in China have also begun to pop up. So now in the country to do the number of webmaster Shanghai dragon has been increased, will be in the next three years, the competition will be very fierce. But everyone in the study of Shanghai Dragon technology, don’t go wrong, today I share with you some of my personal experience, mainly for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the hope can give the webmaster some help.

Second, the content of high quality website without Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Third, website templates modify the site right down

a website in the generation after, don’t again changed, especially in the sites have been included in the case. The search engine is also very hate website, the website ranking and so has a very large impact. So in the website generated before, we must consider the good information website of the entire layout, structure etc.. The website is generated, don’t change, so the weight of the website is very unfavorable.

Fourth, change the website space down the right

in the website before, to choose a good space. The best is independent under the IP server, good space for the user and search engine friendly are very important. If the space is not stable, certainly needs to be replaced, but will lead to drop right. I love Shanghai very strict, very easy to be K off.

fifth, end site generation no longer update to drop right

If a website generated after a station began to fill the content, then it is no longer updated for a long time. In this case, the search engine spiders will be very difficult to climb into the site inside. Lead is not ideal, not updated snapshot. A new generation of good advice, every day regularly for more