Keywords mining precision make Xiamen decoration company search increasingdouble

tools to look at the user know love Shanghai recently often ask what aspects of the user to search the highest amount? What is the problem? Quick summary keywords, write an article on that.

how to accurately explore and expand keywords

is the first method, if the core keyword is decoration, then love Shanghai: decoration, then search below a drop-down box appears, there will be renovation renderings, decoration company etc..

The use of Fast mining and positioning analysis of

finally, can use the love Shanghai promotion assistant, click on the search keyword planner, Xiamen decoration company, search more accurate view of the respective keywords.

How to use the

webmaster to give website optimization is through the search engine to obtain user traffic, so that we will choose keywords to the site around this position, I believe we all know, many users search keywords, there are many forms, and that just want to understand the product and there is an urgent demand to buy the product in person the search time and ordinary visitors are very different but relatively speaking their input keyword will be more accurate.

finally, popular word + professional words, new keywords.

if the webmaster can grasp this rule, then positioning the site keywords will be relatively reduced a little difficulty, to see which keywords website statistics conversion rate is relatively high, and then do the optimization for the high rate of conversion of these words, so the effect will make you more confident to do optimization. In fact, every site in the brains of keywords positioning, after all is to make money, if the site jump loss rate is high, even if there is no traffic to be useless. Therefore, on the problem of the conversion, webmasters need to pay more attention to the.

if the webmaster maintenance optimization website is a very popular website industry keywords, so we worked in key to try to drive the industry hot words words, to achieve a feasibility after the reorganization of the keywords, such as search hot words, "free, hot, special offer" and other words is the common user you can, and the appropriate combination of keywords.

keyword to expand to write a high amount of reading articles

second method, if the core keyword is the decoration, then love Shanghai: decoration, a relevant search below, there are nine key words.


decoration company in Xiamen! First of all, website keywords into the core keywords and long tail keywords, positioning site keywords, first positioning the core keywords, core keywords is the industry, such as clothing, decoration, long tail keywords is brand word, classification of words, such as clothing brand, the style of the decoration etc..

third, Shanghai love index tools, analysis and check the keyword search volume, the keywords of the fastest rising hot topic, pay more attention to.