In Shanghai dragon Er requires three qualities

here for their keyword ranking. Only have the desire to have a power forward, but once we reached the top.

everyone in the school experience, Shanghai dragon did not do as a discipline Introduction (do not know with the development of electronic commerce will be Shanghai dragon as a course into the university classroom? Looking forward to ing) is often from a do not know what is the Shanghai dragon to optimize a website and independent the good ranking it requires two important things: learning and thinking.

second. The lack of subjective consciousness of thinking

you can think about is not the total words like floating in front of you right now: "the 1. I submitted to a search engine why haven’t included my site ah 2. yesterday I sent the article to be included? 3. months how I website optimization ranking nothing ah, how long can the fastest 4. put the word do first?" and so on, I want to ask the questions people ask yourself, you really should do all in place? If not, then don’t have so many problems, hurry, if done in place, so give yourself a little more patience, like communication as with others, not every day waiting for you with his / her exchange, also waiting for you and SE is not designed, it will be harvested (remember not to give up halfway).


learning is basically each willing to learn the new Shanghai dragon will do, hiding in all the major Shanghai dragon forum, Shanghai dragon imitate other people’s ideas and operational methods, observe their website ranking. Then, if always is imitation and do not have their own in the whole process of learning to think actively, get your own experience, so he will never have to grasp and the Shanghai dragon, the future of the road may be more and more confused, so, please take the initiative to think, don’t know only blindly imitate, compare your with the difference of competitors, look at your ideas with others in Shanghai Longfeng what is different, see who is better method.

Lack of patience

from 03 to 04 years of Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) has been introduced Chinese market, more and more people joined the ranks of Shanghai dragon. After nearly 10 years of precipitation, Chinese Shanghai Longfeng market has been showing a scene like a raging fire which includes: Shanghai, Phoenix, Shanghai dragon industry training outsourcing industry and related industries, we are very glad to be the first half of Shanghai dragon company accepted by the majority of enterprises in the year 05, when the Shanghai Dragon and preliminary introduction not like this attention, however, with the expansion of the Shanghai Phoenix market, Shanghai dragon industry gradually appeared many disturbing factors. Three the quality of these disturbing factors to explore with you we need most of Shanghai dragon Er (personal feeling in this paper is suitable for the new master, see more opinions).

third strong desire to win

.The desire of desire to win the