Website optimization is different wedding photography station to Shanghai Dragon

wedding photography selection is very important, can say keywords determines the site conversion rate in the website is not a certain weight, we should choose those who have long tail keywords conversion rate, such as we do Changsha wedding photography, we will dig and Changsha related keywords, such as: Changsha wedding photography, wedding photography Changsha Changsha studio, wedding, wedding photography and video Changsha, such words for the optimization of difficulty is relatively small, but also has very high conversion rate; if the relative optimization of wedding photography, wedding photography, wedding photo studio > so hot

on the long tail word conversion rateKeywords

Shanghai dragon no stereotyped routines, methods also change with the webmaster optimization search engine algorithm change and optimization method will be eliminated by sticking to them, to please the search engine is the key to optimize the webmaster, Shanghai dragon not only methods 10% unchanged, and different methods for different types of industry, website optimization are not the same, such as small business station and the portal content update will have a big difference, what did not update the contents of small business website, 35 days to send the article may be able to keep the weight to maintain ranking, the portal must be updated every day, and have a certain number of support. For the website optimization webmaster believe in contact with a lot of industries, here’s what wedding photography website how to make Shanghai Longfeng (just share some personal experience):

home page

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, it is best to have the updated

content update allows website snapshot update more timely, more website weight lifting, let the keywords ranking better…… A web page content update is very important to analyze, from the previous optimization of Shenzhen wedding photography website, the whole page is filled with pictures, update the area without content, the spiders and users are not new things, in order to make the web page content, we can set up several suitable for wedding photography updates the plate, such as: wedding photography, wedding photography news activities, the latest post, user reviews and so on, this station has content update, will be driven by the weight of the website promotion.

many wedding photography website is made with the flash screen, it looks very beautiful, but is not conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, although the content we suffer, can force from the chain, such as blog, forum to promote binding site updates, but this effect is not ideal, especially the new website. Not all the weights are zero, even if you have the chain again strong, often also compete with others. So the wedding photography website to the appropriate control for the flash screen, is designed for best picture style, with ALT tags, as looks very beautiful, for navigation and some columns are even ZhengZhan flash, suggested a first revision before optimization, the optimization is very important to say.