Month: June 2017

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Choose which brand to join hot pot

winter is coming soon, but also began exclusive food delicacy Hot pot number, now people pay attention to economic eating delicious, the price is not expensive, how to choose a unique brand Hot pot became a franchisee headache, don’t worry, Xiaobian to introduce you to a package you satisfied in ten to join the ranks Hot pot the list of the first fire cubic Hot pot.

according to the small series of understanding, fire cube hot pot is a very good advantage of the project, the prospects are also very good. Now the hot pot are expected to be recognized by consumers, such business will be better. The fire Hot pot with fresh ingredients and cubic century a rich not heavy, delicious not lit the flavor more interesting. Natural selection of ingredients, the compatibility of medicinal herbs, crystal clear crystal melting pot, eat up the United States and the United states. As a competitive industry, the competition is very strong. Fire cube hot pot restaurant food, naturally has its own reasons.

fire fashion brand new cubic Hot pot, a popular consumer standard, to quickly seize market opportunities, become a leader in similar products in the domestic fashion as a cubic Hot pot fire, health Hot pot soup, special ingredients and process more freshly boiled mutton products to add enough art, regardless of brand or the products are welcomed by the market. Fire cube hot pot focus on experiential consumer services, consumer orders can be added after the independence of soup, with small fruit drink, with the master’s attitude throughout the whole.

traditional chafing dish taste is simple, the simple form of cooking is monotonous, it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers. The fire party stores have a variety of Hot pot soup for consumer choice, the rich flavor makes it attractive to workers, students, such as a large number of consumers, at the same time to meet the reunion, family dinners and other consumer demand. Hot pot set the essence of a hundred concentrated in a pot, with a variety of peripheral snacks, so that eating hot pot to become a kind of enjoyment.

fire cube hot pot to join the unconditional output of their own experience, technology, equipment, materials, resources, creativity, and strive to form a win-win situation with the majority of franchisees. The majority of food and beverage franchisees from the current general feedback, we are indeed satisfied with the fire cube hot pot support. Compared to the company’s own business model of profit and loss alone, the strength of the brand’s support is clearly more reliable support.

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What are the tricks of the clothing business

for the majority of entrepreneurs, many people do not know what, in fact, the quality of project qualification and investment success has a close connection with, but usually a lot of people do not know in fact sell clothing can also earn so much money, some people even lose money, in fact, as long as mastering the road, but it is still very simple to make money.

in addition, in the summer season, can also choose to sell clothing stall, as long as the price is cheap, but the quality of a certain guarantee, you can, the key factor is to grasp the customer’s consumption psychology, high quality should not go the route, but also pay attention to is that we must grasp the fashion the trend of the main factors, which is the key to attract customers.


is the biggest advantage of this is Everfount supply, worry and effort, and can accumulate popularity, but also improve the credibility of the shop, the credibility is up, and then resell goods, such as opening a clothing store what the experience, this time has been popular also, it will be relatively easy.

from the above point of view, start looking for their own entrepreneurial projects, investment clothing should also pay attention to the correct method, to master certain management skills, entrepreneurship is the need to pay attention to methods, the correct method to achieve business success!

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3 pilot non Wando entrepreneurs loan amount of the lowest 50 thousand yuan maximum of 200 thousand

a lot of entrepreneurs are not in their own home business, in the face of these entrepreneurs, the policy should also be given support to retain talent to bring better development. Therefore, the introduction of 3 Dongguan pilot non Wando entrepreneurs loan policy, followed by a detailed look at the small bar!

the small business loan object on the application requirements, such as the legal working age, physical health, honest and trustworthy, have certain working skills and ability of staff. Give priority to the employment difficulties and qualified personnel. In addition for membership in Dongguan, or in the Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Kau 3 pilot town street, park of Dongguan nationality entrepreneurs.

loan conditions also need to have specific business projects, and approved by the business sector received a business license, the expected business projects are relatively stable sources of income, ability to repay the loan principal. In addition to the requirements of the applicant no irregularities, or need to provide a more stable source of income, the household staff as a guarantor to bank loans, or to provide a secured assets, and in accordance with the provisions of the bank loans to the other conditions.

the borrowing period by the Finance Bureau to provide discount

"measures" clear and duration of the loan amount, the amount is divided into 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan, 150 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan four grades. The lender may, according to their own business needs for credit to China Postal Savings Bank branch in Dongguan City branch and Dongguan branch of China Merchants Bank branch, bank loans approved venture capital requirements, repayment ability determine the approved loan amount. Loan cycle by the borrower engaged in the production and operation cycle of the project, the use of loans, repayment ability, determined by the two sides negotiated jointly, the longest no more than three years.

the quarterly settlement, a one-time debt maturity. Within the term of the loan granted by the Finance Bureau of interest, overdue interest by the borrower in the taste of principal repayment. If the borrower does not repay the principal on time, from the date of the overdue loan

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How much do you know about the cost of opening a shop

want to open a store, the cost of the problem is the first consideration, which has a trivial cost calculation problem, each can be missing. Understanding of this area is not thorough enough to make up a friend and Xiaobian together.

1. risk mortgage. The cost is mainly to protect the interests of consumers and the establishment of the cost. With the amount of sales of commercial products and the different levels of different levels, that is, once the operator confirmed that the quality of the product sales problems, the first payment to the consumer market. If there is no similar situation in the business process, when the operator to withdraw from the cabinet, the cost is refundable.

2. publicity expenses. Because now market competition intensified, to put it bluntly, most malls completely rely on promotional activities, stimulate consumption, to seize the market, so the cost has become a project business right and proper charge, usually for indefinite periods of time, the cost is not high, mainly used to print MD and other promotional methods.

3. shopping guide clothing deposit. Relatively regular shopping malls, unified clothing, neckties, badges, this cost is paid into the store before the one-time.

4. miscellaneous charges. This cost is different because of different shopping malls, there is no universal. I have heard a friend said, a large electrical shopping malls, in addition to the above costs, the collection of summer cooling costs, in fact, a lot of names, is nothing more than to change the rent. This kind of cost, if the shopping malls and management departments have strong relationship, can be reduced.

Menlian shop, can in fact be subdivided, opened in the street, there are numerous moves in common on the streets. But the mall is different, in the form of rent, housing as a fundamental, because operators can not enter the sales landlord’s pockets, so there can be no upside down in this form, only a fixed monthly rent paid in advance, and pay a few (the one-time buy off except).

In addition to the

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How to do a good job of preparing a bakery

in fact many small entrepreneurs are considering to open a bakery business, bread baking technology is very good, but also needs some time to learn, so I want to the bakery business, the store must understand their technology is only


To solve the technical problems of the production of

many place more or less due to failure, managers lack of professional knowledge which, because of the uncertainty of the lack of professional knowledge will cause you to raise the cost of production and product quality, and increase your risk management.

so you if you want to open a bakery, must have sufficient expertise to reserve. In addition to learning, you also need to grasp the industry trends in a timely manner.

a out of the ordinary bread shop, you need to learn some skills, so that we can open up a successful bakery, these are small as you share a preparatory work, hope that we can learn.


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How to open the arts and crafts store to share skills

we know that the arts and crafts industry profits are still very impressive, open a craft store is also very profitable. So, how to run a handicraft store can be more prosperous business? How to better marketing? Let’s look at it together.

After doing

a sculpturesque door like dress like young girls, just look at the door is beautiful, the customer to see inside. The internal environment is not necessarily like the hotel so rich a loss, but must be tidy according to the internal structure. Emphasis on the theme, each of the POP post, each of the interior accessories must be placed in a novel, giving a fresh feeling.

to successfully open handicraft stores, we must first think of how to get to the shop, the basic marketing skills is required. Of course, there are many arts and crafts franchise business tips, here do not list all. Arts and crafts stores to combine their own actual situation, to find the appropriate promotional methods.


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The last days of Jobs

created a lot of miracles, created a lot of legends, Jobs, a great name, a symbol of the times! Jobs’s success is world-famous, what kind of person is Jobs? Why was Jobs so successful? Let’s find the answer from the last days of Jobs!

together with his wife and children toMost of the time with

in life, Jobs also will be his last time firmly in control in their own hands. He invited one of his closest friends, physician Dean · DeanOrnish to accompany him to his favorite restaurant to eat sushi. Say goodbye to him one by one with a lot of old colleagues, including venture capitalists John · Dole (JohnDoerr), Apple director Bill · Campbell Disney Robert (BillCampbell) and CEO · (RobertIger); ignacio. He also offered some advice to Apple executives to help them prepare for the iPhone4S Conference on Tuesday. He also communicated with his biographer Walter · Isaacson (WalterIsaacson). He began to accept new medication and told some of his friends that he wanted to survive.

"but for Jobs, the key is to live according to their own wishes, and should not waste time on he doesn’t believe that important things. He had long realized that his time was limited, so he was always in control of his choice." He said.

behind charity

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Phoenix Town ticket cancellation is a rational return of market order

with the development of the tourism industry, more and more spots is dally rise, let people sigh and guanzhi. Recently, the Phoenix Town has cancel tickets is to obtain users praise, the local attractions also want to take this as a warning!

is to cancel the Phoenix Town tickets

on the timely correction mistake

3 years ago, "scheduled to enter into" attractions "ticket into the area, the impact to the residents, tourists and scenic spot is obviously: one is, if the boy take his girlfriend home to see the old man, have to buy tickets; two is to charge for the ancient city is a typical" bundling "of the economy, no matter if you want to enter the former residence of Shen Congwen, Xiong Xiling’s former residence and other scenic spots, as long as you came to Phoenix Town, have to spend money to these attractions, this is obviously a" rape".

according to reports, the Phoenix Town now to make such a change, is due to local opposition, that raised the threshold of the ticket into the city, resulting in a drop in visitors. In fact, before the Phoenix Town packing charges, there is such an expected – fewer tourists, which will make the entire Phoenix Town tourism revenue affected.

in the city before the charge, the proportion of ticket economy in Phoenix Town tourism output is very little. Statistics of a year is that the total number of tourists received a total of about 6 million tourists in Fenghuang County, Phoenix Town tourism revenue reached $4 billion 500 million, ticket revenue of $155 million, accounting for only 1/40 of its total revenue. If because of the impact of the ticket on the total tourism income of Phoenix Town, Phoenix is worth the candle.

is a rational regression of market order

the Phoenix Town to the public a clear account of

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How to do beauty salon advertising

in recent years, the rapid development of the beauty industry, due to the entire beauty industry has changed and shocks, beauty salons want to do agents, agents want to do their own brand. Therefore, the beauty of the product investment has been constantly changing.

"reckless with greed" strategy

this was a major investment magic many beauty companies. At the same time, agents at all levels to join the common goal of business is to get more profit beauty. So, a lot of beauty companies to seize this, in the promotion of investment activities in order to promote the huge profit margins as the theme, a considerable part of the dealer has a strong attraction and allure. Henan has a beauty cosmetics company in the media investment advertising focused on the 300% of the profits, the results received a telephone consultation more than and 300. The success of this model is to seize the psychological part of the most valued dealers. However, since the end of 2004, the beauty industry leak Book event, this model gradually lose power, because we all know the cost price of the product, understand that it is the manufacturer of digital games.


"change danger into safety strategy

first promotion strategy

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Nine tips to help you succeed

now, more and more people choose their own business when the boss, but there is always the risk of entrepreneurship, how to make the probability of success increases, in today’s society, whether it is their own shop when the boss is employed by others when the clerk, the operation of the special knowledge. But please do not worry, these tips may be helpful to you.

a tips: do not stare at the customer dogged, the non-stop chatter without stop.

Tips two:

specific circumstances, some goods keeps its messy but can attract customers

tips three: pre flattery, as customer service service.

tips four: only spend 1 yuan to the customer, often more than $100 of customers to your business.

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Qingdao will support 15 thousand college students in Entrepreneurship in the past 3 years

students are main labor force each year, the city of Qingdao in order to enhance the students’ entrepreneurial ability, will introduce 8 measures to establish exclusive entrepreneurship service platform to support more university students based on customer.

start in 2016 the employment of college students "dream sail" action plan. The implementation of "employment policy guidance", "employment training help", "employment allocation pull", "employment service speed" four special action. Actively carry out employment guidance in Colleges and universities, grassroots activities, to further improve the training contents and methods of college graduates employment, strengthen the construction of training base, to improve the employment ability of college graduates, organize special recruitment and recruitment activities in the field of high quality, promote the realization of college students employment.

perfect new mode of grass-roots services for college graduates. Completion of the 2016 three support program recruitment tasks. Promote the government to buy grassroots public management and social service jobs to attract college students to obtain employment, recruitment of the first grassroots service jobs college graduates service.

enhancement of College Students’ entrepreneurship training effectiveness. Relying on the construction of the new curriculum system of "selecting, training, helping and pushing" by Qingdao University of entrepreneurship, the construction of College Students’ entrepreneurship training service network. Entrepreneurial willingness of college students to carry out entrepreneurial training, and based on the 90% participation rate after the training, the entrepreneurial rate of 20% principle to enhance the recommendation

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How to control the cost of the new self-service chafing dish restaurant

winter hot pot restaurant business to do a lot of investors, self-service hot pot shop business is good. For the new owner of the hot pot shop owner, learn how to control the cost is very important, then the effective way to control costs?

Cost accounting of



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Put stall earn 6 yuan a month to start a good way

is now a pioneering era, every day there will be a lot of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects, an entrepreneurial way and now more young people welcome should be the number of stall, then in the stall process need to pay attention to what?

A, to put down the face of

two, choose a good starting point

three, choose a good time

of course can also produce food sales opportunities, snack food staple food is poor, because it is close to dinner time, 17:30, about 20:30 after the rice bowl time people shopping activities began to spread, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure products sales opportunities will come to. 21:00 or so to start the main consumption of food, other items sales force will be reduced, because people are eager to go home to appreciate and explore the price of goods on the stalls.

four, choose a cheap and practical good quality


is after all the stalls, do not expect, your earnings will reach more than 200%, generally below 100, business owners pay attention to recommend

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Support a process to allow entrepreneurs to mount with Mercedes Benz in the entrepreneurial road

venture is always a risk, it can be extended to help someone who is a good thing for entrepreneurs. Yingkou city in the west to create a variety of entrepreneurial platform to build the customer, the United States, a process of care, so that the majority of entrepreneurs can be relieved to whip the whip, fast Mercedes Benz on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

vigorously carry out propaganda, to create a national entrepreneurial atmosphere. In order to encourage and support the majority of urban and rural labor to occupation, self-employed, give full play to promote entrepreneurship employment multiplier effect, the West City Employment Bureau in the district offices, community (Village) take the rich contents, various forms of publicity, publicity of the current centralized national spirit of entrepreneurship policy, a collection of industry related documents and business projects, has achieved certain results.

A is the use of the Employment Bureau of outdoor electronic big screen scrolling entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial training, service information, publicity and entrepreneurial experience, pay attention to publicity, improve the overall linkage, highlighting the focus to create a strong atmosphere of national entrepreneurship.

regularly carry out excellent students to teach entrepreneurship "cheats" and "entrepreneurial story sharing, business projects and other activities, through the" Butler "  business services provide" golden ideas "Enlightenment to the unemployed, further stimulate the region’s pioneering work carried out. Coordination of industry and commerce, taxation, finance and other relevant departments of the business backbone of the establishment of entrepreneurial guidance experts recommend

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How to run a casual clothing store

is now in the social life, some leisure clothing is very popular and popular, because there are a lot of people at the same time, pay attention to this one, now open a clothing store in the leisure market, is also a good choice of business.


A, the pursuit of commercial charm: concerned that now consumers love "vulgar, Taiwan, satisfied" goods, the same goods than price, property, more than who have multiple functions, good effect.

the first franchisee must study the brand did not provide a comprehensive management mode, brand recognition is not "cry up wine and sell vinegar". Many brand managers did not really establish long-term brand management point of view, only with the brand of "sheep" wrap their products, to join the brand "as a magic weapon of rapid expansion, but the" brand alliance "banner is empty.

followed by the brand can meet the franchisee’s profit and development, the demand of culture. "Guarantee the franchisee can profit" is the brand operators should promise. With perfect management to guarantee the franchisee profitability, the franchise profits and continue to stimulate more investors to join in, at the same time with excellent progress, brand culture as a brand banner, with excellent communication integration to make progress on behalf of the brand clothing culture, promoting and lwtt’s sense of honor and sense of achievement, they meet spiritual needs. This brand has a rapid expansion and the strength of a solid network.

should not only have perfect management mode, but also has the rich cultural connotation. This can be done without a risk of running a leisure brand.

two maintenance store brand charm: sports and leisure equipment stores, business owners will do some planning for the store, to show the most attractive style. After the opening of sports and leisure shops, also do not recommend

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Shop operators have the right to open the shop to see it

now there are many large and small shops on the market, some shops business is good, but few customers come. A lot of poor store operations, the attitude of the customer to treat lax, do not pay attention to the maintenance of customers, are the reasons for the dismal business shop.

in the next period of time, the situation is not low margin, negative growth change, in this context, the brand’s market cultivation period is extended accordingly, do not consider the "brand differentiation adjustment value", only for the performance of one disaster after another. Therefore, in the construction of the brand, it is necessary to fully consider the current market environment, a comprehensive assessment of the value of the department store brand management. As a department store, commodity management should not be simply introduced, more skills should be reflected in the control of goods. For example: in order to improve the customer experience as the core, to create a creative experience area, store experience, break the brand, highlight the introduction of goods; store brand collection concept, through operational space limitations, focusing on the expansion of commodity fullness and attractive; with display layout, so that the same goods have different temperament.

in addition, service is the soul of customers. Finally talk about innovation, in order to win the consumer this point, the biggest innovation should be how to focus on the customer, led by the whole body". But at the same time to grasp: innovation needs freedom, freedom is also limited, especially the new minimally invasive heavyweight innovation projects, but also to rational lock the scope of innovation, a clear focus on innovation.

stores a lot of skills, don’t understand the business skills, unable to retain consumers, so everyone in the process of shop operators must pay more attention to learning management skills. All in all, the key to the success of store operators to win customers is the commodity differentiation.


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Restaurant location secret sharing

investment restaurant is a hot topic for public investors. Food and beverage is closely related to people’s life, is a sunrise industry, will attract many people to start business. What should you do if you want to invest? Xiaobian bring us together to look at, and I hope to help you.

A, avoid the risk of policy

face various shops launched on the market, investors need to have a certain sense of law and policy. Many people invest in food and beverage shops, many people due to the neglect of the relevant policies of the food and beverage industry fell.

two, hardware to "excellent"

The specific engineering index

three, six large area location secret

1 if the operators choose to operate near the station, the main customer base is the passengers, including workers, students, etc.. In this lot is the most suitable for the establishment of fast food restaurants, and carefully deal with the pricing problem, to be divided into different objects and different. Such as the Chengdu snacks, Lihua Fast Food etc..

2 if the store opened in the company’s concentration area, the main customers for the workers, the purpose of their visit is nothing more than business negotiations or chat. As a result, it is important to consider how many of the restaurants in this area will be able to cope with the rush hour and how to deal with the holidays and weekends. Such as fishing Kyushu (CAFE), xiangeqing, UCC and other high-grade and.

3 if you choose to operate in the school street catering, students are the main customers of this lot. There is no obvious difference between the peak and the light during the day, but the seasonal difference is quite large. Students use the motivation of food and beverage stores, in addition to chat, entertainment, as well as students gathering or reading, etc.. Therefore, we must pay attention to the convenience of mobile tables and chairs, and prepare miscellaneous books recommended

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Teach you a few vendors to start a small business

put the stall to save the expensive shop rent, has become the choice of many business friends. How can you stand out in the peer? There is also a need for skills. The following Xiaobian give you talk about the need to pay attention to a few points.

select the time period:

Image stall is not like you in memories of the past dirty and messy, do not sit on the ground, can make a small stool or pad something to sit; don’t spit on the ground, the customer saw leave immediately; don’t take off the shoes sitting on the ground, even if you the feet clean, customers will feel uncomfortable; not even shirtless, reheat days, you should also wear a short sleeved.

bargaining Art: to have happiness within feeling, don’t force, not too much, you attract passing your stall with what way you bargain with. In fact, passers-by also like to bargain with you, when he is willing to bargain with you when your goods can basically be traded. So how to make money? Look at the people passing by the identity of some looks very simple, you can call the price low, if you see the passers-by looked very decisive (style), you can yell at a higher price, this is not a snob is a kind of art to make money. Of course, according to the

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How to build a demonstration area in Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou, as the central city of China, with the rapid economic development, and has been a greater opportunity for development, while actively seize the opportunity to create a new era of demonstration areas. After receiving the approval of the State Council, the national innovation demonstration zone of Zheng Luoxin has carried out a comprehensive arrangement for the construction of the demonstration area, and put forward 30 innovative and pragmatic policies. Newspaper from September 8th to September 22nd, after the publication of the 10 special issue, respectively, these two important programmatic document for in-depth interpretation.

Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xinxiang three city is the main construction demonstration area, three cities as the innovation resource in our province the most concentrated, the most complete, the most abundant, the most significant innovation innovation demonstration area, with Henan leading overall jump conditions according to the requirements of the demonstration zone will be in accordance with the "overall planning. The three District Three City Park Architecture, accelerate the formation of innovative integrated development pattern. Starting today, the newspaper will continue to publish 3 special issue for readers to understand the industrial base of these three cities, functional layout and innovation planning.

Zhengzhou demonstration zone emboldened enough

Zhengzhou independent innovation emboldened full. According to the latest assessment of the Ministry of science and technology, Zhengzhou in the country’s 57 innovative pilot cities (urban) in the overall ranking of the 18. Tsinghua University, 2015 China’s urban innovation and entrepreneurship environment assessment report also shows that Zhengzhou ranks among the top 100 cities in the statistics, among the top ten". Zhengzhou’s economic strength and urban competitiveness, has initially accelerated the innovation driven, and promote the innovation of the city to a more advanced stage of the foundation and conditions.

innovation and development capacity of the province’s leading level

science and technology investment continued to grow, the city’s patent applications, the number of consecutive years leading in the province. In 2015, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to economic growth reached 60% in Zhengzhou. By the end of 2015, the city’s patent licensing amounted to 14434 pieces, the number of invention patents owned by up to 6.87 people in the country’s 35 large and medium cities in the top sixth in the provincial capital of the province ranked the top second cities.

innovation and entrepreneurship incubator system gradually improve

2016 years, the city plans to add the national and provincial science and technology business incubator, the public record space of more than 10; to ensure the 20 innovation complex government led for completion of 1 million 200 thousand square meters, the new 1500 enterprises settled more than 15 innovative complex science and technology public service platform full coverage.

technology innovation platform to accelerate the construction of

currently the city has established more than 2062 municipal R & D center, of which the provincial level of 604, the national level of 35. Recommended

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Several considerations of female entrepreneurship

women entrepreneurship has become widespread, and although many women when entrepreneurs occupy a lot of advantages, but also need to pay attention to a series of problems in the process of many entrepreneurs will encounter.

through entrepreneurship, women can get a lot of valuable experience for other positions are difficult to obtain, the rich self life experience, expand the living space. These entrepreneurial experiences will further enrich their lives, and continue to the next stage. Of course these precautions are recommended by our investors