Month: July 2017

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What to save the owner of the business To jump three hurdle.

Preface: do stand difficult, do webmaster more difficult, want to be successful and profitable Adsense difficult,

started from the long and up to now has been decided, in one year and five months, from the heart to say: not easy to do! For more than seventeen months, basically in the hands of the funds have been left with a few yuan, to pay the rent tomorrow, and I will fight it, ha ha! Is a webmaster helpless, maybe I’m stupid, but I’m really hard to do, if you don’t bother, I can share with you about how to get a step! We hope to become a sign by reference.

long premeditated business plan, therefore I have done, website promotion, ran the business, doing marketing. Colleagues are also one of the big CMS core developers, as well as professional web designers. After the official start, my partner and two other colleagues opened a studio, thought going well, I was in a local company ran the business, although not special cattle salesman, but I quite understand the business process, and I love the sales and marketing plan soon we have! The first hurdle to


first column: positioning is not allowed! Borrow Chen Anzhi words, no failure, temporarily stop success!


when I was in the clothing sales, software performance is acceptable, long-term exposure to all types of clothing store owner, has thought of the apparel industry has been taking the precipitation, super persuasion, to persuade colleagues to join this great people’s entrepreneurial career, when everyone is very optimistic about the prospects for, and start making website, after spending a layout design, manufacture and development, and at the same time the investigation and analysis of some of the more successful website advantage and business practices, what money channel is how, what is the way to promote.

brand! Do the brand, this idea is good, to do LOGO, VI, and then spent a month time, do the layout revision, then the clothing market analysis, investment is relatively large, and not what the agent security and sustainable competitiveness, so we decided to do jewelry, called Woli jewelry. We raised money to wholesale goods, this process is very hard! I took a lot of version, and many companies talk about some good intentions, but we all underestimate the point is that we Pi is very poor grassroots, basically each have at most a few thousand dollars, and the wholesale market is a large quantity of goods, much less money to go the road, impracticalto! There is no price advantage, on the Internet is even more difficult to do. That can only do positioning, custom made a part of the classic style, do not do anything, only a small number of products, this idea is good…… But we don’t have time to experiment, because a bigger crisis is coming……

is already a bigger crisis we have three consecutive months without income, this may not be the entrepreneurs of sorrow, is our sorrow! Must earn money to feed their families, earn a little money on the Internet, for us is not difficult! We set up a studio site, do the promotion, students.

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Personal Adsense do station summary my webmaster edge

has always wanted to write about the edge of his network, and his work has been very busy. Now the passion that I immediately.

2001, I contact the network, young people are like new things – network chat, did not want to take their own website after the road. That was the year I learned flash, did not graduate himself a man went to Guangzhou talent market for web design work, did not think of himself on the spot signed, did not get the graduation certificate, now that I think are scared, the so-called born calves are not afraid of tigers. That’s when Chinese network early, he is more professional to do some business website, then he is trying to do their own personal website, if it has its own website, is an enviable thing, you feel very well. I did a personal website with flash, very creative, the space is secretly using the company……

I really professional to do a website or in a Guangzhou distance education company, have their own ideas, in the online search network many ways to make money, for example, click on the network advertisement, recommend a friend to registration, but is not to concentrate on the block. At that time, I made a stand with HTML, and I bought my own space. The technical specialty didn’t mean that I would run the website. My website is similar to the content of the blog now. At that time, the purpose of website is to receive orders. No contact, what is SEO?. That’s the history of the 03 Guangzhou city.

network is a very rich world through her also learned a lot, they often want to do a large-scale information portal, what entertainment news, then the mind concept is vague, feel what all can do. Although it is relatively early to contact the network, it is still relatively late to know some open source code, or in the 04 year I know some useful code that can be downloaded. The source code used to go, still feel uncomfortable, then see some big site, it is personal thought, why people can do? When I really want to own childish, simply do a pure HTML information portal, he also planned a big plan. Laughing

What impressed

most was 05 years of unemployment. Your circle of friends is relatively large, the unemployed also never mind, there are at least 2 about 3000 days each month to maintain a list of websites. You know a lot of advertising circle of friends, then BBS is fire, simply do a advertising community yourself, do a lot of friends support, a line, a lot of friends to visit, and many of my friends are good, but that is his hobby., the advertiser, the nature of the corn, this own website at that time. As the saying goes, determined to grow flowers, flowers do not open, willow, Liu yin. In the beginning, when you do this website, there is no motivation. Many advertisers play on it. There are some very good friends who help manage it. About 6 months later, this website has formed a certain reputation. The trouble is coming. Those friends who helped me say, "let’s go together!"

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Shanxi will build a number of entrepreneurial cities to achieve more employment

this is an era of innovation and industrial restructuring, Shanxi as a large province of traditional resources, is also actively looking for the transformation of the road. Shanxi trying to develop innovative projects in the new era of the new situation, the environment to achieve the goal of pollution, and continue to support local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

"early start, we are one of only 3 personal computer 2 studio, due to the shortage of funds and personnel, as well as to the local electricity supplier industry understanding is not deep enough, a lot of difficulties in the early stage. When we are faced with the plight of survival and development, the Provincial Department of human resources and social affairs, the provincial Employment Bureau has given us strong support and guidance, so that we get rid of the dilemma." Wang Wang, general manager of Shanxi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jiening told reporters.

2012, in the provincial government under the arrangements, I selected 30 development environment is good, the employment policy system more perfect, the public employment service system more perfect cities and counties to carry out the creation of entrepreneurial city activities. The activities carried out in three years, the creation of cities and counties to strengthen organizational leadership, improve policies to support entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial services, optimize business environment, business activity index increased significantly, the initial formation of the government to encourage the whole society to care and help support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, workers brave good pattern of self entrepreneurship.

policy support,

A group of venture


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Webmaster friend, did you meet the bottleneck

site has always been my hobby, although not what occupation, but since have their own website, is also a webmaster, bu Lomi is not a profitable site, only based on personal interests, to provide basic resources some webmasters may need to do some exchanges, and some webmaster friends. Strong like-minded friends, or to say, just to pass some of the spare time, give life to some of their material.

worked for many years, not a day and program development, web production, art hanging on the hook, but here, our web design has more than 7 years, the period has done a lot of friends, friends of the station, to solve many problems, but also to get some return, this is that, at least someone attention; at least to provide their own things some people will love; at least 80% people would say something to offer practical Bu Lomi: p

recently talked to a number of different webmaster friends and found that many of them had some common problems – "bottleneck"".

generally speaking, grassroots websites do two kinds of purposes, 1) purely personal interests, such as building their own blog, forums, etc., non profitable; 2) in order to survive needs.

first class webmaster in my opinion is more happy, because the interest to do stand, do not consider living, only in a corner of the network, their own piece of good, let friends to pay attention, like a blog, someone to comment, to share, to blogger is a kind of pleasure. Of course, personal interest in the station, if can make it, the profit is not a problem, but this is a subsidiary of the subjective change (unless the webmaster refers to the personal interest of commercial station mode, will own 50% of the energy input site >…… ).

second owners relatively is not so easy, contact with friends, about 40% belong to the second class, they either run a small website, with some advertising revenue to live; or just a facade behind the station (is the entity, such as web design, construction of the undertaking propaganda station / image station). But no matter what kind it is, it’s not easy.

webmaster stays up late is a routine, the webmaster most often do is check the flow, check included, view rankings…… This is a required course every day. It is also the most vacant moment for many webmaster every day.

the Internet is not as simple as it used to be. To succeed, you need more effort (pay + unique perspective + business philosophy + stick + luck)…… ) and grassroots Adsense often failed to achieve so many "restrictive" conditions, so the bottleneck appeared…… Put so much energy, may not have what effect on search engines; every day, always not ideal; it was just beginning to make money, "the dog" ban; to do publicity, every day slaving away, did not bring a few IP traffic……

many webmaster, basic >

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Only the webmaster can control the development of independent blog

on independent blog can survive the topic, I have heard more than once two times, every time you in the QQ group or forum to discuss this topic, are focused on two points, one is what the independent blog is attractive, two independent blog can not be like other types of sites give us some profit. I think the answer to these two questions is what every blogger wants to know.

but for the answers to these two questions, the author himself is not the simple answer is not, because if you say no independent blog the survival and development of the road, then the Lu Songsong blog, electric grid intheverysameparagraph, if independent blog is not profitable, so in blog, how can ZAC continue to maintain long-term development, so on the independent blog can make money, will continue to enhance the user viscosity itself, are not in the living environment, not everyone can just discuss the results, in contrast, the development of blog road only its Adsense say.

for the present situation, the development of independent blogs faces the following major issues:

1 blog homogeneityphenomenon more, many blogs are out of the same theme, saying the same words, take Lou loose blog as an example, Lu Songsong blog is only Bo famous stationmaster industry, and thus to find a suitable development path is in, you can see Lu Songsong teacher the blog template by the majority of owners in hot pursuit, and network marketing, SEO as the theme of the blog also produce each other like bamboo shoots after a spring rain is not good, but, in other words, these blogs are not a kind of what.

2 the quality can’t agree, not only can’t agree, many webmaster write copy is not running account, including some in order to improve the specific keywords ranking and writing.

3 blogger blog itself for future understanding is not enough, and too utilitarian, some have just entered the SEO industry not long after the station began to write network marketing aspects of the article, the gold content is very limited, but this is the webmaster blog, also did not forget to add advertising code on the website, it is to let readers very depressed. The direct message to the user is that the blog is not for any other purpose, just to make money.

for the above three phenomena, I would like to simply sum up for homogenization, low quality and utilitarian, which is a lot of webmasters in the process of operating independent blog generated the most three kinds of mentality. And these in my view, are directly affect our blog continues to grow the biggest problem, then we as the most direct blog operators, in the actual business process should establish what kind of values?

1 is not to like writing articles, blog update ability long is our key shaping popularity on the Internet, but the blog update does not mean that you do not have good ideas when it must write, this forced type >

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To do a website, have a good attitude


website should carefully calculate half a year, the time is really very fast! Remember when I do a month once wrote an article that a webmaster do the most important thing is to do the station, to the visitors. Half a year, the small station also from the initial dozens of IP to the highest day, more than 10 thousand ip. During the period of development is not only fast, but also full of twists and turns. Because of the increase of flow rate with enough space for the problem, but also because during the space business problem to the site can not be accessed, sometimes some of the problems that emerge in an endless stream scalp to solve the problem of the last crazy. Firmly believe that a truth, no solution is not a problem, only those who do not solve.

the biggest problem facing the six months is that the site’s traffic fell from more than 10 thousand, and a series of Google accounts have been stopped for no reason. The funds in the account were all deducted. During the repeated letters, verification is unsuccessful. It is under these circumstances that I still insist on doing it. Always think so, this has been the worst situation, and what can be worse? Perhaps there are many reasons, some people do everything is very smooth, there is a natural tendency. Some people like the book that day will fall so big people, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, hunger, brushed it for. Everything as a kind of discipline, as a webmaster, need to have a common heart. Treat your website like a friend. Never lose faith in yourself and do not care about your friends.

many webmaster in the ebb and flow of the Internet wave, a new batch of people again into this circle. No matter how brilliant it was, or how bad it is today. Stay calm and take your website seriously. Someday you’ll find your own gains. Perhaps youth, a memory, or a mark of success. Wish every webmaster can have their own harvest. Station hope predecessors many directions.

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Cheer up being a Baidu news source can be as simple as that

[webmaster network]: I always wanted to make my station a Baidu news source, but it was unsuccessful after many attempts. Yesterday, an original article, was suddenly included in the Baidu news, is really a big surprise. This shows that the intention to do the content, it is possible to get at the search engine identification and better evaluation.

became a Baidu news source, and it could have been so simple,

has always wanted to make my station a Baidu news source, bringing traffic to the next, the key to my small vanity to meet the psychological.

mainly because it is a free information type soccer website, so when you constantly update the content of the website, you will often submit the link information to my Baidu news source, but all of them have been rejected.

recently because the work is busy, basically every day still write two or three original article, also don’t do optimization, the result of the site in search engine performance better,


first Google’s main keyword page jumped to the first page, and went up to sixth place, and then Baidu’s ranking has also risen. This has forced me to question my own optimization thinking. It seems that the content is king, has always been a website optimization truth.

this morning, and as usual with Baidu news search " Valencia " the commonly used words of news, did not think the original article my own site was found in the home! Give up, used to Sina search portal and Sports Authority website news in the search page, I suddenly appear the news I feel not adapt! After repeated confirmation, I quickly capture them as evidence.

that gave me a lot of inspiration. The original work is not busy, every day to learn all kinds of optimization tutorials, learned a little quickly on the web site, and the results ranking has not go up. And these days focus on content, so there are rankings, and Baidu news sources included! This shows not only the Baidu news can not only included in our personal website, but also in the treatment of pure original content will not be too much prejudice


you webmaster friends, intentions to do the content,


(the original webmaster network, and then reprint to my personal e-commerce station, Grada. This article is included in the Baidu news is my Valencia Chinese website – Valen, China).

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How will the webmaster of 51ecshop develop in the future

recently this time has been busy, busy with the 51ecshop forum platform and the development of a large number of free boutique ECSHOP template, QQ friends often ask questions about SEO and personal webmaster how to development? In fact, questions about SEO or more can easily answer. This need is the accumulation of practical experience as well as the search engine for the sensitivity, and on the development of personal webmaster, I want to say is only two words: attention, as Ma Yun said: "the little shop, to open a good shop, shop is not much, but in essence".

experienced in SP and SEO after the heyday of golden age, we seem to suddenly feel confused? The Kang Sheng and outdated webmaster held the theme of the conference is "do not abandon, do not give up", "hard work is very important, the direction is more important, therefore, when we can no longer rely on all kinds of alliance, we to consider the appropriate transformation, and transformation of the former we need to clear their position.

Baidu has begun to enter the C2C, Taobao has done a lot of millionaires, shop in Baidu’s attention skyrocketed, Baidu direct index rose to 18369 at the same time, media attention is also rising exponentially! We find a breakthrough product. Instead of working for others, as their own business, although the road is long and difficult, we must first understand the market and customer demand in the shop, and then go to the relevant technical solutions, the likelihood of success will be greater. The 51ecshop forum is to provide a free platform to have the entrepreneurial passion friends, a teach you how to scratch, until the process of striving for excellence, as the largest and most complete echsop forum and free download site.

, did you go to 51ecshop today? This site is

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Community service O2O hard landing don’t do the comprehensive platform game

Abstract: the delivery of products and services is the most intuitive and important part of platform landing. At the same time mayor here suggest that community service entrepreneurs, especially grassroots entrepreneurs and the following second tier city, don’t consider doing a comprehensive national platform game.

do not know whether we have such doubt: a community service platform of O2O even as an opening in the area where the Manicure Manicure shop shop, live for several years, and even opened a branch, but the platform is less than a year hung up? A comprehensive platform invested tens of millions or even billions. A Manicure shop investment but one hundred thousand yuan



, don’t tell me the strategic vision first. If you don’t survive, what’s the strategy, a dream?.

for a period of time, the Internet circle has been rumored "small is beautiful", then to the capital, chicken every day to drink a lot of bowl, gradually became the "big and complete", finally have milk children to survive into the unicorn, no milk to children even small and beautiful do not the. In the cold winter of the capital, everyone says the essence of returning to business. What is the essence of business? Providing valuable effective services to meet the core needs and earn the target user’s money.

platform is a comprehensive platform for the moment whether vertical, are much influenced by the PC era of successful cases — with the user to make businesses! Users also divided into many levels: large consumer users (customers), long-term small consumer (loyal consumer customers), occasionally consumer (street passing customers) and users (passerby), criticism (user injured, shit pee malicious also includes competing on). Therefore, there is "retention" and "transformation"". What is the process of retention and transformation? Know you, test you, trust you, consume you, be loyal to you.

the above process for Manicure store, the user’s decision-making process is this: the first look at the facade has a billboard "XX Manicure shop", you can see through the glass doors and windows hardware and master Manicure, including Manicure waiting for customers, judging from the appearance of the shop is reliable; then look at the price list is consistent with their consumption expectations; the United States into the store again, feel good; the second time consumption change a consumer experience, once again feel good; and decided to come often! (this process may be a bit long, such as the third, fourth step in a general rendezvous experience. But the general steps is no problem – first look and experience after the decision.


community service platform is the same: first look (visit the front page, and then look at each segment inside the column, whether in mind to meet their own needs), then experience (usually buy cheap goods or services, feel this platform is reliable, two times (before) experience a consumer feel good on the basis of, a large consumer, or really need to believe the platform to be able to do), and recommend to friends and family (as a platform of loyal users).

believes everyone is streaming!

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How to gain diversified profit for educational websites

education websites are confronted with a large number of primary and secondary school students in China. Therefore, the market is very broad, and a large number of audiences can bring more profitable opportunities for educational websites. However, in the face of the test as portal site resources, capital and personnel advantages, how to get out of their own a diversified development road of personal webmaster in the construction and operation of education site, access to a wide range of profit? Today we have this problem and we share some experience.

education website "seasonal"

wants to develop the characteristic road of profit that the education website has, so we must have a clearer understanding and grasp of the development characteristics of the educational website. Whether has the rich information, the overall size of the test information and resources website, special site or focus on a professional examination or a field, have more obvious "seasonal" characteristics in the development process. Especially the latter, like many of the college entrance examination, the senior high school entrance examination and other sites, visitors must appear between and rising with the exams approaching, this is decided by the education website audience has the learning rules and the rules of examination. As a webmaster, you should judge the situation of the users of your website and be prepared.

education website "Sabre not work"

some webmaster in the beginning of the station, and soon think about how to make money, this kind of more irritable mentality is particularly undesirable. You know, good educational websites attract and retain users, often because of the latest and most reliable information, and the reasons for reliable, high-quality sharing of resources. And this is what education website can cause and strong presence, so it must be in want of profit before the loneliness, the above construction spend enough time on the site with high quality content. As the saying goes: "modaobuwukanchaigong", to build the brand and quality of time spent on the site, and will not affect the website profit rate, it is good for the long-term and stable profit accumulation. Only the website has the high quality and the characteristic content, can have the more diverse profit pattern foundation.

The multiple profit path of

education website

education website of the webmaster is multifaceted, not only need to master of the web topic relevant information and resources to better understand and master, can make real-time calls and rich in need, but also need to master to all play a role on the website profit profit channel good understanding of.

on the one hand, educational websites can be placed advertising alliance this more traditional profit model, the placement of advertising alliance such as Google Adsense, Baidu, Taobao alliance alliance in the content of the website code in advertising, gain by users and visitors to click. This kind of profit model requires that the content and content of the website match the advertisement of the advertising Union, so as to ensure a relatively good click rate and revenue

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2015 revelations of the death of the originator of enterprise

in 2015, more than half, there have been four overseas companies that can be called the originator of the field came to an end. It was hot, red hot, also has a number of domestic imitators. Now that the pioneers have fallen, what are the lessons for us? Are their followers alive, and what lessons should we learn from their experiences?

business can not help but face the problem of life and death, creating an industry and era, once hot companies, may one day will suddenly fall. In 2015, more than half, there have been five overseas companies that can be called the originator of this field came to an end. It was hot, red hot, also has a number of domestic imitators. Now that the pioneers have fallen, what are the lessons for us? Are their followers alive, and what lessons should we learn from their experiences?

1, before the death of domestic O2O boom, American domestic O2O originator Homejoy die



development process:

July 2012, Homejoy was founded.

July 31, 2015, Homejoy closed down.

financing process:

Homejoy did not escape the spell of "C death". Its founder is brother and sister two people, Allen · Zhang and A Duo pull · Zhang (Aaron and Adora Cheung), through the online way to provide users with domestic service personnel. In the first place, it only helped users with clean house reservations, and later, as business expanded, it began to introduce other new household services in some cities, such as cleaning carpets, plumbing and so on. Homejoy has both professional cleaners and inexperienced personnel. For the latter, Homejoy will appoint professional cleaners to guide and evaluate them. The development of Homejoy is very fast. It has been established for more than one year. Its business has expanded to 31 North American cities. Last year, it began to explore the international market and set up its own business in Britain, Germany, France and other places. But 3 years later, it still ushered in its own death.

failure reason


generally optimistic about the "star of tomorrow" is how suddenly fallen? Company CEO, one of the founders of Adora Cheung explained that the company’s professional cleaners are not formal employees but contract workers, but they also require the same treatment of salary and welfare, which caused 4 of legal disputes, but also to the company in a weak position in financing, which makes the company difficult to continue.

contract workers demand

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LOGO production elements

1, recognition

requirements for identification must be easy to identify and easy to remember. This must be done, no matter from the color or composition, must pay attention to simple.

2, specific


calls specificity is that it differs from other LOGO and has its own characteristics. Otherwise, the design of LOGO is the same.

3, connotation

design LOGO must have its own meaning, otherwise, even if it is beautiful to do, and then perfect, just beautiful form, but there is no point. This requires LOGO to have its own symbolic meaning.

4, legal awareness,

must pay attention to sensitive words, shapes and language about the legal consciousness of LOGO.

5, overall image planning (structured)

LOGO of the different structure will give people different psychological consciousness, like a horizontal line to give people the feeling is gentle, steady, continuation and calm, a impression is high, frank, light and fickleness, point gives people a feeling of expansion or contraction, easy to cause the attention of people.

doesn’t seem to have a LOGO software, and it doesn’t need that kind of software. We usually use image processing software or add animation software (if you want to make an animation of the LOGO) can be well qualified for this job, such as FIREWORKS, PHOTOSHOP, Easy GIF Animator. And LOGO’s method of making and making ordinary pictures and animation is nothing like the two, different is only the size of it. LOGO now mainly pictures, especially GIF pictures based, there is a small amount of FLASH animation.

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I see the flow and Wangzhuan way

has been able to come, I feel that our webmaster, at least most of the webmaster, are very hard to do stand, and even the body at the sub healthy state. Of course, I say these are sold by the flow of advertising money station. Special discount city ( boss jokingly said that in order to flow, to look at the SE look, to please the user, it is basically the horse again.

believes many webmasters will laugh. I exaggerate, and say the author, you won’t do that. Yes, I’m not worried about the impact of the site, because I have a regular job. Indeed, there are many webmaster like me, use the spare time do stand, life although there is no great freedom, but also had a very moist.

can also have many webmaster is no work, just rely on a station to collect advertising fees. Perhaps a lot of people envy them, because they have free time to do their own things, advertising fees are much more, and can play any time, how happy. But don’t forget, everything has two sides. Those individual stationmaster in enjoy while also undertaking risk. Risk is SE, in case you do not give traffic, how do you live? People are strong, you can be sealed for no reason. Just shortly before the Qiushi GG account was closed, there is no reason to appeal, what, if no results, there is no way to estimate what.

I’m here, just want to say, now a lot of personal Adsense too rely on traffic, almost become the flow of slaves. If you don’t say it well, you’ll only do the traffic. It means you have to flow what the survival? I am personally concerned, that is to say if I like the personal webmaster on a website to live, maybe life is very happy, but I can do that? I am forty or fifty years old, still do this? Maybe I worry, but I think this is worth a lot of survival depends on flow webmaster thinking.

now a lot of people also say, now rely on the website to sell advertising, there is no big way out. So why don’t you try to do e-commerce, selling products first? This way is not too dependent on traffic from SE; secondly, you can build your own customers; you can even set up their own brand, expanding influence. To follow this path, you need to keep learning. I have always believed that only through continuous learning, you can find, progress, of course, continue to make money, ha ha,

I think this is our personal webmaster’s way out. I think it’s a way out, not just because it’s just a way to make money, it can also give full play to your creativity, say yes, listen, you do a good job, you are an expert in all aspects of website marketing. When you are an expert, there is nothing to worry about about life. ^_^

above is some of my ideas, we can look at the ZAC and the big bird article, I was inspired by their articles, coupled with my previous thoughts, finishing this text, hope >!

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A bustling dream sansei had peak madness as Fenghua

this is a very beautiful parabola, especially in the second half of your sudden turning, is like an arrow, deep down……

More than

pictures are my statistics on an experimental blog.

the blog was founded in 07 January 31st and has been 94 days now. Since the blog was built, more than 200 journals have been released. The more than 200 logs brought me three million two hundred and forty thousand IP, an average of thirty-four thousand IP per day, with a maximum of seventy-three thousand. Visitors are mainly from Baidu, occupying more than 95%.

these 94 days to launch Google adense blog, ripple, Qi run advertising alliance, a total revenue of about sixty thousand yuan.

at noon on May 2nd, Baidu deleted the blog part of the included page, blog traffic bottomed out. Individual estimates there are two reasons, one is in the middle of April due to careless operation, delete more than 20 log, but after the flow, set up 404 error pages; two is spam too much, can not clean up. Of course, there may be the site itself, but personally feel unlikely. Because there are still some key words ranking is still in front of, and have not been down right traces.

above –

The following is the

I do the test of blog experience, hoping to give IP hovering in the hundreds of thousands of webmaster between a little help.

one. Outside the chain

site layout optimization, keyword distribution, internal link construction of these natural important, but I think the weight of a decision station is the most important factor in the chain.

the quantity and quality of the chain depends on the communication ability of the webmaster. Do not use mass, a high quality of the chain, much better than N garbage outside the chain. If you do not have many webmaster friends, then write the soft bar.

two. Observe

this experiment blog will have such a big flow, because the log above is all published with hot search keywords.

as to what keywords are hot, this needs to be watched. Can refer to Baidu search list, and Baidu related search.

three. Original

don’t blindly copy other sites of the article, at least write their own experience, and their views. Originality is welcome wherever it is.

above three points, although simple, but if you can do, and do well, even if only one point, it will be enough.

(article starting at, reprinted please indicate source)

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90 after the webmaster talk about the new movie station misunderstanding

I am a senior student. I declare that I am a very fresh beginner. In May 15th, SEO, A5, laggard, CMS, I haven’t heard of such things. Bored with Internet at home, I want to make a website and make some pocket money. Don’t look at it unless you make a joke out of it,

in May 15th to spend 50 dollars to buy a space (buy blind) and domain name, intends to build a movie station, messing around for half an hour and finally know what is CMS, a Marx CMS. Collect good movies, looks like a web site, and feel good cool. I heard that rely on search to flow, I quickly go to each search submit domain name, looking forward to search included. Second days, GG included the home page. Check 2 days of information, found that the original page will also set title Keywords description label, quickly set up.

after a few days, the site has no traffic, how I want to get traffic? Then go to Baidu post bar and Baidu, know how to promote it. It took the afternoon to send N posts and answered N questions. Later, after a look, even after the post was deleted, the answer to a question did not pass the review. Busy the afternoon, the post came, 1800IP (all cheat). The second day, I would want to take substantive content in Post Bar publicity, find a few steps movie posters and introduction, take my site link, under the post, the pop-up "post failure please do not contain inappropriate content message: please do not publish ads" Meng, the letter my domain name. Does Baidu not include my site? I don’t know. Anyway, until today, May 29th has not included.


, every day on the A5 to see the experience of experts, slowly to webmaster this career began to understand, know more things. Talking so much nonsense, now comes the point.

lessons learned within 15 days:

1. here to the novice said title keyword selection, title is a very important thing, plays a vital role in the development of the website, keywords must not take too hot word, because you want to pre hot word on the front page that is not realistic, it is best to pick and common words. When selecting keywords, see how many pages are included in the Baidu (find relevant pages, about XX, XXX articles), and then select the appropriate ones. Keywords (website keyword) description (site description), take a look at the SEO tutorial, the site can optimize the initial keywords.

2 thousand don’t go to Baidu stick, know, send your website link. Otherwise, the death will be miserable.

3. just started doing the station, do not want to make money, this is unrealistic, at least your IP stability at around 2000, a day to earn a few bucks. So don’t want to join the advertising Union, not to put the pop-up, the site is still early childhood, the impact on the user is not

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Discussion on popularizing method of classified catalogue type navigation station of home of 123 web

Since the

good 123 site operation achieved great success, especially the purchase price by Baidu for 50 million years, in a short time to take a large number of good 123 site’s home, very good 123 site, cool 123 site home naming 123 home site navigation site or directory sites look, most of these sites are similar and the similar function, with the proliferation of Web site navigation and directory sites (the estimated five Adsense have a web site with a hand right now), this kind of website is not so hot in the scenery, the promotion of competition is more and more, and the 123 series web site navigation development space is small.

web site navigation to the promotion, is an old growth topic, how with simple web pages, the same function in many competitors in talent shows itself? If not compared with hao123, but also take a space for one person in the peer. In fact, at present can do 123 successful web site home series of navigation station is not the only, these people love quietly make money, not love quiet here, talk about how to optimize and promote their own navigation site or directory sites.

from the current web site to see, promotion way is very violent, very rogue, but more than a few kinds:

1, buy

browser plug-in, will make Sunzhao to download and install the plug-in or visit "personal computer user homepage strong to their own 123 site’s home page, and their web site domain name and the interface and 123 at home, general computer users are generally easy to accept a function and interface and all 123 at home basically the same site navigation station.

2, to the underground hacker market transactions, the purchase of a large number of broiler, directly on its machine mandatory installation of 123 home page of the home page, and the control of the broiler computer want to change back to the original Internet home page can not change.

3, bundled software installation, modify the home page, forced to set up their home site of 123. For example, looking for a popular software on the Internet, such as QQ space game plug-in, Pinyin Gaga, eMule etc. some free software bundled modify computer home page plug-in installation provides to the user, then the user’s homepage will be modified into their own 123 site’s home.

but I think the above method is not desirable, the country is to strengthen the processing of network virus, attack, destroy computer system software and other illegal activities, if you take the above methods to promote your site navigation station or directory website, then there may be reported to the user state information center and other relevant anti virus no doubt this department, for you website operators increased regulatory risk, said it was not the police please go to tea. I combine some of my own good practical experience, to share with you:

1, first of all, for your web site navigation or classified directory site, take a good name and register a good name domain name, such as: Youku 123>

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Broaden your vision of business operations a successful case on a travel website

has unexpectedly made an online dating campaign on mobile QQ’s "micro community". This is really dry travel website dating site live, is worthless or is popular "Internet thinking" brainwashing? Or the travel website is from the star nations. But is such a "non mainstream" blind date activities, but achieved very good results,


the results of this activity is good, after the blind date activities to stimulate, nearly 2 million of micro community visits, more than 8400 topics, the user increased from 0 to 20 thousand. I analyze the reasons for the success of this event as follows:

1, the reason why people will participate in this blind date is

we all know that those who love traveling are very lonely during the journey, and there are several friends around me who find their other half in the course of traveling. If I were a tour pal if I see this activity at least I can join? If I can find a partner from this activity? Even if we can not find a partner, can also meet some like-minded friends ah, is not what loss for me.


we’re planning an activity, and we must give our target customers a reason. Reasons for his willingness to join us. As for the reasons, how to? How to find?. I can only tell you from the real example of the gang. Now, which one of us doesn’t know the dating website is a mess?. The more you burn, the more you notice. The more people in need. There’s a demand. What are we afraid of? We’ll try to satisfy their needs.

2, second reasons: Alice to participate in the base to be very large,

this event is more attractive, only two Alice know, then this activity will lose meaning. The purpose is to let all the tourists know it, this event is not very successful from the point of view of promotion. Why? Did not reach the state that all the tourists know, should take online, offline. QQ. Forum, WeChat, micro-blog, and a series of combined boxing to promote this event.

3, why should this tour site engage in this event,


I have always been a conspiracy theorist, needless to say, we all know that this travel website does not really make a blind date, but just want to live together through this incident. Obviously, from this point of view, they are successful. Why? I took part in the activity. Sure, I’d like to pay attention to this tour site, if you are successful with your team. We all miss this website and it’s not unusual to turn us into his fans. And my wife, Alice friends are here, and can interact with their own interaction. We’ll certainly go there often.


above is my analysis of this activity. Don’t know the big >

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Anqing three college students entrepreneurial story old cycle into wealth

movie Chinese partner, I believe there are a lot of people have seen, at the same time for the movie has three characteristics China entrepreneurs also was impressed, at the same time, in our real life, there are also some commendable entrepreneurs that are.

7 15 reported on the campus of the interpretation of the Chinese version of the college students’ graduation season nuggets, the story of the three college students in 400 thousand. In June 26th, three students from an university campus Linghu came to Anqing evening news, about entrepreneurship they have something to say. What kind of entrepreneurial stories do they share with us

from the print shop to start business is done fast

and China partner movie plot, the three of them dramatically met acquaintance, because the common dream finally came together. From the initial aim of the tutor training market, want to put the school tutor resources to their name studio, but later found that the reality is always more dramatic than the film. Tutor training market simply can not monopolize." Li Jian said, early into the single page making money only for naught.

depressed to the point that the end of April this year, a print shop to transfer in the old campus, which makes them three people excited up in a hurry. "Although many outside the print shop, but not out of school students in the campus will be able to print articles, this is the only one, especially a lot of big 4 print paper, but the print shop is always a little distance away from the hostel, many people hope to the nearest print." Li Jian said.

Print Shop disc came not long, the three consecutive month turnover reached more than five thousand, the initial investment twenty thousand yuan has been gradually to the.

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Make websites valuable and allow users to pay for their own initiative

in the fence (a predetermined site, see the flowers) feedback information of a user: "husband birthday in Kashi on business, so far do not know what is good, thanks to 1608, put the flowers to the husband in the hands of more than 1 hours, the husband was very moved, do not want to understand how I am will then send the fresh flowers. Thanks 1608." With the development of electronic commerce, more and more users find online shopping services convenient and efficient, e-commerce gradually changing consumption habits of users; also because of changes in market demand, more and more industries from the line to go online, open Internet market, such as online florist. Sending flowers is no longer confined to the local city, and placing orders directly on the Internet can make your friends from different places receive your fresh bouquets and sweet wishes.

of course, any service is not free. Maybe it’s a little higher on the Internet. But let’s make a simple comparison. If you want to send a bunch of flowers to a friend, you need to spend time looking for a flower shop, going to a flower shop, and ordering flowers. This process may take you 2 hours and then send flowers. If it is a local fine, then spend some time to send the flowers to friends hand; but if the friend is not in a city, it would be difficult, if the flower again express to your friend’s hand, the flower is not fresh. The online shop to solve your problem, order them directly in the online shop, booking flowers to the specified time, your friend will receive your fresh bouquet, can save a lot of time and travel back and forth on the road, in contrast online order flowers have the advantage. If the friend said above not in the fence ( this order flowers online shop, there is no way to let her receive flowers in her husband’s business in Kashi, flowers online booking platform to solve the users of these needs, naturally there are users willing to pay.

modern society is nothing free, any service is reflected by the equal value, in other words, if your website can provide similar value to the user, you can also charge a fee to the user. In many foreign websites, it is not free for users to obtain information. Many websites need to pay certain membership fees and annual fees. Such patterns are rarely reflected in the site, in addition to a member of the Tencent, one to provide differentiated services, and its annual charges from users, this model has been accepted by the user. China Internet has been discussing the copyright issues, this problem has not resolved, "Baidu library infringement" problem has not China users in suspense, because the habit of charging mode, this is the whole industry problem. However, China Internet market has been in development, the future will continue to improve, as has been the perfect foreign Internet, will eventually appear to the user fee, as long as your site is valuable, there are users are willing to pay.

before the dream of the blog, an article mentioned, "willing to give up the site, but also brave to abandon."

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A5 forum once again verify that users are the root of the site

A lot of

recent events, for the webmaster one thing I believe is the biggest A5 forum in the domain name, this for a long time in the A5 forum outside the chain of friends, is indeed a big blow, however there are many aspects worthy of reflection down webmaster thinking. Many of my friends asked why not protect against this write their own views, because I have been on the sidelines, so there is no pen. Today, in view of my mind, I checked the webmaster tools, and some words had to communicate with the webmaster.

We know that the

A5 forum since June 26th afternoon in domain name, 27 days there is an uproar among owners (mainly large revision and no redirection), there are also a manmasheng treat with indifference. The 28 day to do the morning of July 3rd to redirect, guardian of this writing, is 35 days, if you interested can look at Baidu A5, the new domain name is already ranked first, and is the latest snapshot; Baidu A5 forum, the first row is before the domain name is now second. The domain name is June 22nd snapshot. If we look at the Chinaz webmaster tools, Baidu weight 4 (click found a total of 1668 records), snapshot July 1st (query Fujian, Quanzhou). It’s amazing to believe all this data. Guardian focuses on three aspects of the A5 forum, once again verify that users are the root of the site.


1: meeting the needs of users has been the foundation of website operation.

although A5 made a big revision, but its philosophy has not changed, that is to promote user transactions. Has everyone been saying that the A5 forum is not the place to communicate? In fact, A5 has been promoting user transactions, and since last year or even earlier, the forum has slowly become a transaction. In June 26th, the management team made a radical shift in its business strategy and fundamentally developed its trading model. Where there is a transaction, there is interaction; where there is a transaction, there is communication. Therefore, the A5 forum has been making a profit from the point of view of its own profits, prompting users to profit. Meet the needs of users, so condensing a huge user base. Although many people advertise, more friends are slowly switching to business. It is this need, leading to the user in the case of A5 big revision, as always, to the A5 exchange (advertising). According to incomplete statistics, in July 2nd the guardian, A5 essay topic posts up to 85 pages (4250 posts) above. Because the A5 to meet the needs of users, it can be as steady as Mount Tai.

two: promotion of user transactions is the long-term development plan of the website.

why are we willing to go to someone else’s website because they can provide us with knowledge, resources, or even benefits?. And to most websites, many stationmaster grew up with the user, forgot user however. Standing in a row has been firmly a concept: let users profit, but also afraid that they can not profit? It is clear to see the A5 theory