Month: August 2017

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The website should follow several principles


four: don’t change the


: the title and description of key information to change the

tag can not be changed casually

density in 2%-8%, this is the most principle followed in the website home page or other pages, we also pay attention to the point, especially for the home, everyone through a variety of methods, keywords layout and stressed in the right place, but some website we see a major change to beautiful template keywords layout, substantially all of the large number of abandoned, keyword density decreased, resulting in mistrust of search engine. Therefore in the course website need >

keyword densityKeywords

website, which is most of the webmaster have experienced things, revision of the reason is very much, such as the new website template design, function optimization, in short, in order to develop the website can be better, but we see more examples, many website snapshot stagnation, search engine for a period of time not included the new page, ranking drop or even by K. The consequences are unimaginable, then what is the reason for the website performance becomes worse, we should follow the principles in the website version of

website is a key search engine is very important, because the column focused on a number of related content of the pages, search engines often through the daily collection under the section, to gradually increase the weight of the column, the column was also updated daily. Column page weight is much higher than the article page, because there is a lot of content in the support, which is one reason why making thematic can get good rankings of the. Once the mass change column, random change and discard of navigation items will cause the search engine has become a familiar with the contents of Zhang Quanxin’s face, resulting in mistrust of search engine.


in the label, the label has a part of an important impact on the search engine, such as H1, H2, STRONG and other labels, these labels often focus on many important characters, such as title, keywords, this is our website optimization process by using the method of GF, through these tags, search engines know what we emphasize, but once the revision remove these tags, changed text or tags that are linked, will make search engines look at a loss. Therefore, in the process of revision we should pay attention to keep the integrity and stability of these important javelin, the continuation of inheritance of important information.


two: website column or navigation project don’t change

this is a truth you know, any time we are not willing to carry out large-scale changes to the title and description, often change and modify the key information in the search engine, it seems that this website can not be trusted, poor performance is also behoove you can query, many such information on the website, this is do not repeat.

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Want to site optimization keywords ranking fast, can do

two specification


Shanghai Longfeng optimization site on the importance of doubt, some sites in Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization do very well, has brought huge traffic to the site, site traffic is an important tache of enterprise promotion effect, the weight of the website also has certain marketing, at least on the search for relevant content engine love website, Xiao Bian here talk about how to further improve Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization.

, 2 of the article is mainly about the meaning of the main contents of this article, in order to guide users to continue to read, if the words will not write the article the effect of influence.

2, the title of this article should not be too long, clear, control in 15 words or so simple, too long after the show included not easy.

1, the first paragraph of this article is to appear to do keywords, convenient search engines.

, the original

1 page is website content, add anchor text is some station >

picture ALT attribute changes and additions, did not add ALT attributes to add pictures, and content related picture title.


2, the terminal will appear on the anchor text keywords, the best user often concerned or associated with the contents of the article.

3 pages, add anchor text is mainly about some other titles, to guide the user to browse depth.


2, the

4, the content of containing pictures is to allow users to feel more reading need to see things, love Shanghai can better identify the article and others do not.

3, the content of the article should not be too long, as long as the cause of user interest points on the line.

, five page keyword selection specification

3, the article to make the difference with others.

Abstract specification

Add anchor text keywords, The

1. changes were not included in the article title and content, as far as possible to write some users to search the contents of love.

3, double title advantage, double title is the advantage of other users also solve the problem of solving a problem of the user.

4, the other the website to contain similar titles.

The title of the article,



, 1 of the article, the keyword on the left weight is more important, if you want to can put the words in front of the need to optimize the ranking of a keyword.

1, the article did not demand too much, in general are 20-50 words.

Keywords text specification

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Content analysis of the new optimization method based on the algorithm of love Shanghai

content modification and replacement. This is a very important link, the last method is simple disrupted the order, which is obviously not able to meet the needs of the new algorithm love Shanghai. This must be the first paragraph of all changes, ensuring that the content of the original, modify the content should be consistent with the original meaning of security, can not appear the connotation of context inconsistency. Some also have to follow this method of the content of the end. In this article, you can use the synonyms in the way, but after replacing also read through the article, to ensure the smooth degree, because some synonyms are prone to pronounce problem which is not conducive to the content, the user experience, but also not conducive to the love of spiders in Shanghai. Because once the content of the website page out rate is too high, a new algorithm for the love of Shanghai, will determine the web content problems, which affect the normal operation of the website.

third step: pay attention to the title of the novel. For the title, in addition to a simple replacement or not enough, also need to make headlines with novelty, novelty is not intended to make the title of the party, but to make content and consistent, but it can produce obvious attraction to users of the title. This process can be appropriate amplification of adjectives, such as the exposure into shock >

we know that with the launch of love Shanghai original spark program, and Scindapsus algorithm in-depth implementation, for the content of the web site optimization has obvious blow, construction of many sites therefore need to increase the original content, from the development of a long term, for the healthy development of the Internet clearly played a positive role, but for the website personally, will bring huge operating costs, because many types of websites to produce original content itself is more difficult, this many webmaster will cause serious confusion.

first step to modify the content of the title. The title is undoubtedly the key way to love Shanghai spiders determine if it is repeated, so in order to optimize the content, first of all we need to modify the original title. But the connotation of modification of the title must not be able to deviate from the original. This method can be used to replace the long tail keywords, the keywords the original title involves replacing the long tail keywords, such as a talent network recruitment notice, it can be a talent network recruitment of talent network for long tail keywords, date, location and other information increase, it can also meet the needs of the original. Can also replace the title of the adjective, meaning for similar adjectives or meaningless words. These can guarantee the original title, but will not affect the user’s understanding.

The second step: !

so there is no way to use false original original method still can make love Shanghai recognized, but also can effectively reduce the risk of your site is down right? Method is obviously, but if simply based on pseudo original method in the past has clearly not feasible, I believe that from the following three steps to content optimization, or to meet the needs of the new algorithm in Shanghai love

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12 iron random exchange Links must know you know a few


why don’t do illegal sites Links? Many buddies are a bit puzzled, illegal site weight may be high, but are generally not very long, because most of the ranking is the use of black hat Shanghai dragon means to do up, stability is not high, probably tomorrow will be drop right or K stand if we go to the site, so the site to vote, will cause a great impact to our website. What kind of site is illegal site? For example: * * game station, surrogacy, gambling, Adult supplies and so on.

fourth iron rules: recently on the website of the title is a modification or revision of the whole website

the first iron Links gauge: number of

the other site

of each site Links exchange is one of the most basic work, Links can not only bring to the site weight is very good, but also a Links also belongs to the high quality links to the Links effect so far is very obvious, can be directly to the role of the site’s ranking has. But many buddies also know that good Links is not so easy to find, even if found, then how can we avoid Links in "trap"? This is a very critical issue, I Li Yong today and we talk about the exchange of Links need 12 iron rules note.

must first understand what is the number of the other site Links, because this issue is related to other websites can give our website how much weight. The site Links small general basic control is appropriate in less than 40, if the exchange is too much Links will easily lead to fraud, and website Links more will give you the weight of the site brings less time, it is recommended that you exchange Links must look at each other Links whether too much.

then how do we know this website recently there is no revision or title has been changed to

second iron rules: do not do illegal sites Links


website to revise the title will easily lead to drop right processing, if the weight of the site recently revised value and the amount collected temporarily may be saved, there will not be much change, but can not rule out the next time the search engine will not update this site drop right or be K, so, with more than 2 sites or that slow time in considering whether to establish a friendship relationship.


when we found cheating on the site, the other site Links, or was recently K has yet to recover the website, this website stability is generally very low, we found such a situation when changing Links, had better think twice, and Li Yong does not recommend this site exchange Links.

third iron rules: friendship in the site Links whether there is cheating or K site

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One of the most common health SEM account structures Raiders


then a healthy and reasonable account structure should be how to plan? Let Xiaobian you ramble ramble.


, a promotion plan to build

two, promotion unit to build

SEM this network marketing has penetrated into all walks of life, as long as users have questions, demand will be the first time I think the use of search engines to search, to find the answer, and this is often the most shortcut to help users solve the problem, it is because the user needs with the attitude of using this tool, it will be more and more more enterprises use it for precision marketing, is the so-called where there is demand, there are business opportunities.

, Xiaobian that regardless of any industry, a reasonable structure is to set up accounts around the user’s behavior to build the user conversion process of an industry will generally be divided into interest stage, industry knowledge accumulation stage, product service stage, decision stage of purchasing and comparison fans to share the stage. At every stage of the needs of users, will accumulate a large number of users search behavior in search engine query entrance, while shaping a business or brand website is accompanied by the needs of users of the various stages of construction, so as to continuously strengthen the popular

more easily!

plans to build a good future, basically like building a house, to lay the foundation, then according to the key level classification construction promotion unit, also known as promotion group. It took a relatively complex plan to promote their products to share, because of the different promotion plan in the actual operation will be divided N promotion group subdivision keywords, each group of words are corresponding to the different needs of users, especially for the product line rich company, special circumstances will be built specifically for the promotion plan promotion which, in >


After exploration and try to continue

as above, according to the different stage of user behavior, the keywords you dig into the first level classification, for the love of Shanghai is to build a promotion plan, of course such as the noble baby Adwords used to become the promotion series, is the same meaning. The architecture of a classification is naturally formed. For a small, clear objective accounts, basically in accordance with the form of lexical category division.

small a few years before the SEM hands-on experience, sharing SEM knowledge, there are some SEM plans to do business friends, I consulted some basic problems, but basically is brainstorming, think of where to say where, today Xiaobian to the real needs of friends to share some practical what set up a SEM account framework that will make you all promotion matters for the follow-up of the


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Huang Chao quick access to website promotion method of the chain

first, the chain is still the most important content of high quality.

please do not believe that the quality of the content is original content, then it will have a lot of friends complain, website promotion tasks so heavy, no time to write original content! That I also deeply felt, in fact, high quality soft, not all need their own original, pseudo original can also, just a technical problem. For example: we can choose a web articles as a template, modify the title and the first paragraph, and then use the outline of this paper write your own content, this article written on the original and not what difference. Simply, we only use the framework of the original article, to reduce design time. If you understand the business of the company, this way of writing is not too difficult.

again, the chain construction using

is engaged in many website promotion every day Guazaizuibian problems, like on a scientific theory in the continuous exploration and verification. The author is engaged in website promotion / Shanghai dragon, were also not these things Chafanbusi, very depressed. But once saw his site outside the chain increased a lot, feel a sense of accomplishment. Is a really make people happy about work. The following is the author in the site optimization method of the chain effectively obtain the promotion process, and friends to share

short, website promotion of many channels, skilled use of other website platform for the construction of the chain will achieve a multiplier effect. The construction of the chain is not every day the information release can be made out, so it will be very tired. Only.

active blogAlthough the weight of the

soft contribute can be said to be the best way to increase the promotion site outside the chain of high quality, it can use the submission site of high flow and content to achieve the reprint, increase the number of site outside the chain. For the website optimization, website promotion industry, the author thinks that to Admin5, Chinaz, DoNews and other website contribute better. This is because many website optimization, website promotion industry network user accumulation. So, in the choice of the contribution platform, the most important is the industry correlation, this website will be issued to you are interested in, and the probability of success will be higher, reprint volume will be improved.

The chain construction site of

second, with soft Wen contribute way publication


search engine blog has been reduced, but the active blog, or the construction of the chain of choice. He and the forum a lot less than the rules, add links to free. So at work have some more of this blog, and will optimize the construction of the chain of the website keywords plays a very important role. At the same time using the blog platform submission function (blog editor or contributor blogosphere contributor) for submission, make the article obtain the page recommendation, can to some extent improve the quantity and frequency of browsing blog article reprint.

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The server is not stable to your site by 4 owners know harm

answer: see your IIS log, this 500505 HTTP status code server is not normal.

: I know how the server is not stable


3, cause the search engine to give your rating low. Simply say that the search engine gives you the weight value, Google is PR, the love of Shanghai is the page content. The server often isn’t open, will lead to a search engine to crawl your page the way but to catch the page, this will often judge as a dumpster, nature will not give high weight. When not open on the website, I won’t do what the chain, because this will only make love to you right down to Shanghai.

Related reading:

concluded that the stability of the server has been concerned about the webmaster heart, his emotional expression is directly related to your joy and sorrow.

4, challenge and the heart of the user. Oh, this is a joke. But there is a big website if the server is not open. Sure webmaster. This is also very important oh.

we are most concerned about is the keyword ranking, the second is the user experience, what is the search engine to give you four points below the key rating analysis of Beijing Shanghai dragon server instability caused by:

1, which is not ideal or keyword ranking down. Whether the customer or webmaster love Shanghai concern rankings, the rankings have flow ah! No flow you where come of conversion rate. Now most people are particularly concerned about keyword ranking. If the spider frequency sensitivity to your site, but access is not enough, there may be K station. This with the above two points are common, not high weight, key words will not have good ranking, but even if you have good weight, also can have the effect.

2, resulting in a poor user experience, now Shanghai dragon pursuit is the user experience. The purpose is to provide user help website or to offer users of products. Let the user of the site has a thick, cannot do without the feeling of the site. While the server if it is unstable, the first is to reflect the user’s station is not your regular warfare and instability was unhappy, will let users lose confidence, not at the peak of the open but the problem is not big, often it is necessary to consider the replacement server.

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To realize the optimization of the real leap lies in the unity of grasp of qualitative change and qu

last night, the sea bed forebrain have been thinking of a problem, how to be able to make every day in Shanghai dragon on the optimization of time can be shortened, realize a qualitative and quantitative leap. This let me remain perplexed despite much thought. This morning on my way to work, still wondering. Suddenly, see light suddenly. What makes me so here and then click into place? I to analyze. Remember, the high school political lesson on the dialectical relationship between the principle of variable quality. Do you know, I can’t understand once to recite this stuff, but I spent a lot of energy.

? Second, the chain

. A variety of ways now. How to choose. Have a soft, original, contribute to the top of the famous website, this is a way of the most popular. The next step is to set up different, blog, classification of information, links, software group etc.. Of course, buy black chain of these informal methods in this not mentioned. Because, everything should be specified order of universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, historical trend in any confirmed that informal means and methods, the final outcome is let you over. So, Chinese so many webmaster, how much is the rule in accordance with the formal means to do

Using the above


first, as we all know, Shanghai dragon is more and more now. In addition to the site structure must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the search engine to realize, must also have a large number of rich content, let the user and search engine satisfaction. This point is very important. Make the content of the original, insist for a long time, not only can the website is popular, at the same time, the website weight increased gradually in the continuous efforts of you. This is a quantitative change and qualitative change is the interaction and mutual transformation, quantitative change is the necessary preparation for qualitative change, qualitative change is the inevitable result of quantitative, and new quantitative way.

according to the dialectical materialism principle:

every day with the same topic to repeatedly try to figure out. Boring not say, is really tired. But there is no stop for a person, quietly thinking, to a lot of hair every day outside the chain, each method has been tried, why not pick up rankings?. Every day in my heart cry, persistence, but many people still insist for a long time, did not see the effect. Always want to give up, but there are many unwilling ah. But how many of us believe, as long as the method is correct, every day doing all right, have the effect, no effect, then you may feel? Shanghai dragon is the need to accumulate a lot of optimization. Why? We know we can change everything in the world is divided into two forms, one is quantitative, is a qualitative change. Change is a gradual, no significant change, rather than a fundamental change; qualitative change is a qualitative change, things by the state to another mutation – germplasm germplasm state or leap. It is a significant change and fundamental changes. So, you do, accumulated to a certain extent, the effect is immediate.


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The small and medium-sized enterprise station outlet Shanghai dragon is the best choice

, 1 small enterprises which have advantages and disadvantages of

small business although small, but because of the small, only cynical, will feel free to do what you want to do, my heart into it; because of the small, will have to consider the problem of capital expenditure, then we must use, the input-output ratio is relatively high to operate their own businesses; because of the small, all employees must be unity and cooperation, team spirit is very important in business process; because of the small, each post staff need to know a lot of know a lot, are a group of people with ability and passion.

2 small enterprises, how to


small firms relative to large enterprises less capital, small scale, operation ability will also vary greatly, it is most of the time we encounter the situation: fish, small fish eat shrimp. Small enterprises are small so there must be fish consciousness, to know their strengths and weaknesses, in order to grab some food in the fish mouth.

small businesses to develop their own good, to faster development of their own, must be cut and cut, must seize the network field. Using the network we can do a lot, if you want to quickly see the effect, we can use the love of Shanghai, spent part of the money, and guide consumers to buy our products, or for our service. If you want a long-term development, the best way is to do Shanghai dragon, please professional personnel to optimize the company or to our website optimization and promotion operation diagnosis, because the Shanghai dragon is the minimum input, maximum benefits in the most effective way to.

Hello, I am easy financial network. Only recently began to take over the optimization of easy financial network, many things need to be familiar with, before the optimization of some enterprise website, but for the enterprise website, need to pay attention to many problems are not familiar with the optimization, especially like this very easy financial network professional website. I’ve been thinking, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, their way out? Is to survive in the cracks, or just rely on some big websites to pick up a fish escaped through the Seine? With this doubt, I think the following three aspects of the problem, perhaps you can find the answer.


of course, small businesses the disadvantages are also obvious, because of their small size, must see is not high enough to see far enough, because the body is weak, so not all, not the defeat, we need to constantly absorb nutrients, constantly setting themselves, because fewer personnel, each employee work pressure must be very big. Know your weaknesses, corrected slowly, cannot correct to find a way to make up, this is a qualified enterprise.


, 3 small businesses in the way?


small business way in fact has been talk in front of.

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What are the factors of quantity and reduce the website weight chain

Road, can move on? Is now all optimization personnel heart. Therefore, optimization of present predicament is significant. The optimization work is a very "hard" work, work every day, full of dull feeling. If you’ve worked so hard, failed to receive a certain effect. This will be a serious blow to the optimization work of passion. For example, the number of sites outside the chain of the weight and reduced circumstances, what factors caused? Work optimization personnel every day, has close correlation with the. The chain of information, not only can bring traffic to the site, and the site keyword rankings, is has some relevance to the. So, the face of such a situation, need careful study and analysis. Thus, to find effective factors that lead to.

two, a large area of the site content is lost. The current search engine and the standard is related to the factors. To resist the low page, the need for high quality content. Then, there will be a lot of low page content are blocked. Then a short period of time, suddenly disappear, would be a serious loss, will be punished accordingly. For the regular search engine, can only obey;

The optimization of the Above

, a recent forum website appeared to change. This will directly affect the search engine, some of its approval. The forum layout adjustment, search engine spiders, the need for new content to grab site again in. This is the need for a certain period of time, rather than blindly go included. Therefore, such a situation, will have the corresponding website weight decrease;

‘s search engine, has matured, in a growth period. Then, begin to develop some rules, to plan the chain market. Thus, the chain will gradually eliminate some low quality or no relevance. This direct effect to the chain of the builders of the site. The chain is the effective factor of website promotion. One of the content factors of the chain mainly influence the content and the title. Or, is the category, whether there is a certain correlation. This is the current search engine harsh assessment factors the quality of the chain, will give some of the punishment. Therefore, the number of the chain appear gradually declining trend, from two aspects such as the analysis. This article from: http>

, are the main points of factor analysis of the weights of the website. Now, to analyze the effect of reducing the number of chain, can produce, is very large. Outside the chain, is the importance of website content outside the station. It is a spider, with new content, another one of the way to enter the site. For example, a large number of sites in the early external chain, traffic on the site promotion, the effect is very large. So, what factors lead to the chain decreased the number of


site to reduce weight, is associated with the site as a whole. When a link error occurs, may directly affect the weight reduction. Such as some elements listed below, can be used as a reference, as the analysis of elements.

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The new page is how fast the love Shanghai included

chain is the key to support


has been included are the new owners most headaches, but Google love Shanghai is particularly deadly, sometimes a month are not included. There are some new owners are more impetuous, quick success, like the fastest rankings and get profit, a station did not reach the goal immediately for a project, so it was very hard to succeed. What is so easy? Nonsense not say, directly on the map so I said flicker novice.

looks like a simple website in a knowledge, in the old station didn’t what special change in the new station is not the same, you want to love Shanghai don’t bird you, first save up

included a new station?

a good article without the support of the chain is like a "maxima" hidden in the deep mountains and forests, "Bole" you do not know where to have "simple"

(second times as fast included)

good article released to some weight high and related.

How fast ?The definition of

(third shots because relatively late so that three hours before the fact should be included, ibid.)

! The

You can’t get a

want to be included in the content of quality to pass


(the first successful test)


N time to reprint articles that included, the search engine spiders is a new thing, let it repeatedly eat something not sure. You must have the original high quality content, not only to the original, high quality is more important, the two samples must be at the same time. The content of the website can choose half the original half reproduced, reproduced to choose high quality, otherwise will not only not included but will let the spider to your site to lose interest.

said the high quality, there will be a problem, what is the high quality


www.miuiw贵族宝贝 registered in November 18, 2011 until today (January 19, 2012) registered just two months and zero or one days, is a new station hundred-percent.

high quality article is vague, not absolute definition, but I collected from the actual summed up some experience. The information is easily included, the best common illustrations, clear and coherent sentences, to conduct proper segmentation and typesetting without destroying the readability of text, if you meet the above conditions and for the original you are a high quality articles. High quality article is simply let the reader can understand, look pleasing articles. Of course, if you do not do not deliberately pursue, otherwise it would be self defeating, readers can understand the appropriate picture is good.

My name is

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The user experience there is no best but better

user experience is a specific user experience, the user is restricted. A particular group of users, contains two meanings, one meaning is that this product is only suitable for people in need, such as cosmetics, in general, young women, women aged 20-50 for cosmetic attention more, men are rarely concerned. Another meaning is that the product because of special reasons to attract the attention of others, take cosmetics, has been a hot concern of women, but once the woman is in love, or is there an intimate lover, of course is heterosexual friends, when he is going to buy her a gift when will she love attention to things, this time will attract new attention cosmetics and consumers, the consumer groups will only appear in certain situations, when he is in love or success when Yiqingbielian, along with the loss of this part of the user. So the specific user includes two types, one is fixed user groups, one of which is not fixed user groups, like the stock of large and small, who is more important, the real estate boom in such a "surge" in driving prices, personal feeling of the user experience beat around the Bush than direct disclosure, effect will be better. This particular user, fixed and not fixed one less! In the user experience, the latter is more important

user experience is a kind of subjective feeling. There are many webmaster will say, oh, my site do very well, "

is the timeliness of user experience. This is like water, everyone needs every day, cannot do without, the more such things more easily overlooked, but, once the water quality problems, such as drinking water pollution problems, "how to water the most safe" has become a topic of public concern, some of the media will timely report about a healthy drinking water knowledge and news, some introduction of healthy drinking water manufacturers will launch some appropriate advertising and marketing of soft paper. But soon, people will be a hot issue, the issue of water will be ignored. If, in the news about water quality problems, timely tracking, from a marketing perspective, will attract the attention of several times than the number of ordinary products, sales will naturally improve. From this point, the user experience is timely, perhaps, never make a budget for the safety of drinking water of people, probably because of this incident and the purchase of drinking water equipment. This group of users, on weekdays, even if the advertising manufacturers reached but is "as if it were raining flowers, cast pearls before swine" effect.

last winter, and a keen Shanghai dragon net learn knowledge of Internet marketing, exactly, he said, I am listening to the user in the network marketing experience occupies an important position, website content update, external links is nothing but to let the user know you exist. I understand that the user experience is through the love Shanghai engine will row in Shanghai’s first love website keywords, even "the success of the revolution!", in fact, it is not enough to do. The real user experience is the user firmly lag retain, at the same time, can provide helpful information for the user.


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The transformation rate of web pages need further analysis

is the preferred choice of many webmaster statistical tools, because its function is very powerful, it can not be denied. But I usually will Google statistics and webmaster love Shanghai two tools combined with the use of statistics to analyze the data. Here I mainly analyze love Shanghai tools how to analyze the conversion rate of the page.

(1) click rate analysis

The statistical tool

(1): the number of visitors visit conversion page, if in a number of visits in the (session, 30 minutes) produce multiple access to the page (refresh), only one record conversion. To avoid the transformation of the page refresh cause artificially high frequency conversion.

if the above 3 conversion record statistics are:


may have questions, like some marketing Station, just to provide a platform for product marketing, general customer consultation via QQ or telephone contact, then how website data into such statistics. In fact, the lottery program development of my site is the case, the general telephone can’t detect data conversion, but QQ can improve click consulting statistics on how many users click on qq.

page transformationThe

(3): order conversion are used only order parameters (usually ID) to calculate the conversion time, the same day a visitor to visit the same ID times are only recorded as a transformation, transformation of different access to different ID records.

(2) in accordance with the views of PV statistics: 3;

1, the definition of

2, page

(3) in accordance with the order statistics: 1 transformation transformation.

Analysis of the data conversion of

(1) according to the number of visits statistics: 2;

page transformation for different types of Web site definition is different, if I do like lottery program development products station, so a visitor to complete a purchase is a transformation; if it is a forum or other type of website, so conversion refers to the number of visitors to register success.

(2): PV views visitors into the page, on the record for conversion. Refresh accounting for many conversions.

Many webmaster

love Shanghai statistics page transformation parameters are mainly the following points:

website, many people only stay in the IP, such as PV data, these data are just the surface of things, we only need to pay attention to understand the real line, the statistical analysis is the transformation of the target web page data. Then the web page conversion rate to in-depth analysis? I from the lottery program development site and share some experience.

of course like this lottery program development marketing Station, no direct conversion of statistics, we also want to analyze such data. I mainly from the click on each page, each page mode >

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When the website of Shanghai dragon encounter bottle tight should be how to operate

why to write this article today? Hongshou recently when in the business circle the game also encountered such a situation, as if the site more to do, the effect is not ideal. The ranking does not rise and retreat, every day in the chain do not increase itdecreases. Comprehensive weight in view of this situation is the main performance of our website is not high, so how to operate out of the situation now? Hongshou experience of his share view

website dragon is the same with us to do a project work, often are confused. This is not to know what to do, this is our most big time. The mind empty, a waste of time every day but the work efficiency is very low. This phenomenon in Shanghai Longfeng which is relatively common, is when our website development to a certain program, will encounter a bottle tightly, take our keyword ranking for it! All the work of the project are normal, why keyword ranking does not rise just back.

siteForm, a

If > !

is a directory we add a blog! If we master is an enterprise station, many industries are not easy to find the content of the website, and update a bottle tightly when we can add a level directory of the blog, to promote development in the master station through the blog update. The blog is often compared with, we can write a diary, to share the experience of life, is feasible, can also collect some good things to blog page, to the host and anchor text links and so on.

then the /blog/ or /bbs/ is a subdirectory of the site, this structure is good, the site can increase the weight to the master station. Some websites are often used for the development of the limit, in this way to break through the bottle.

buy links this is a common breakthrough in Shanghai Longfeng bottle tight manner, but the cost will be relatively high, is to see the effect, for the love of Shanghai is very effective, but the premise is not excessive, some adverse reactions, if improper operation is likely to lead to the net station down the right, such as: is K and so on.

Shanghai Longfeng special We do Shanghai

two, the optimization method

Directory: 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ /blog / 贵族宝贝 贵族宝贝 master to the domain name domain name /bbs /

recently Hongshou also plans to add a directory for your blog micro-blog customers to increase the weight of the main station, still get the program, estimated to be launched within a week! I hope everyone support.

is a plus BBS can stimulate our website management atmosphere, but more trouble, but also want to take the development of more trouble. Suggest you according to their own circumstances, choose the appropriate method.

, adding a subdirectory of the

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Website user driven web site keywords ranking

understanding of user needs is the key to website ranking optimization, a virtual data can bring what enlightenment to us, but by a number of summary data integration and user experience is what we cannot ignore. Maintain a good website optimization, website audience, constantly improve the site of loyal users.

identified the target direction of the website, we have to do is to enhance the site audience. Site audience is representative of the website viscosity, or is the site fidelity, the establishment for the latter part of the brand is a must. Only activities more audience in order to ensure the completion of the website to promote the brand and the final transaction. Moreover, the data show that the majority of the audience of the site to a certain extent affect the website keywords ranking.

now we analyze how to determine the user needs? There are many ways to get the current user demand, for the love we see Shanghai is the main search box and the tail of the drop-down related content recommendation. The contents of which point is nearly a week since the user’s search through the show, here we can learn a user’s a point, thus to determine the site keywords, in order to ensure that the website can get user access.


keyword ranking we mentioned before is blind to do outside the chain do content, but the effect is how to. This website optimization is unfounded, ranking to improve decline also is "into days of marriage". Since the search engine in order to better meet the needs of users to search the user, put forward the experience, site optimization seems to find the direction. How to improve the user experience has become the target of Shanghai dragon er.

want to get more audiences on the site to meet the needs of users, it is necessary to understand the needs of users, to provide valuable information for the user. The first is to understand the industry, not on the website irrelevant information web site, so as to ensure the matching principle and the correlation between the content of the site. The other is to find a suitable starting point to maintain the customer, for example, data download, problem answering and so on, so as to ensure that users will not be because of doubts left the website user group.

web site keywords ranking, we must first understand the needs of users, the largest user demand. The current Internet users demand is generally divided into data types, search information to find the needs and goals of transaction demand. According to the general enterprise website, before we have done or data search needs, the author Dennis is sure such a reason is that now the search engine users search, about 90% users is to find information is the information of demand, only 10% of users are trading the real needs of users, we will the conversion rate of users.

this year mentioned Shanghai dragon especially love Shanghai optimization, first of all we think of the user experience. In fact, the user experience is a virtual demand data, it can drive our web site keywords ranking? Today and the author Dennis together to discuss about the website user demand.

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The introduction of the algorithm is not the purpose of positive reflection is the purpose

I say: "the introduction of the algorithm is not the purpose of positive reflection is the purpose!" every time love sea tactics, is a worthy of thinking things from the negative aspects, to those of us who do not meet the requirements of the parts removed, on the positive side, for our future, but also in order to consider the user experience! Nonsense not say, the webmaster, please consider

In fact,

May 17, 2013, Shanghai love web search anti cheat team issued an article "the pomegranate algorithm – low quality page terminator", small excited to read this article, after reading it, I really do not want by overwhelmed with admiration for! Shouted loudly: "love Shanghai, I love you welcome! Please come quickly!"

WHAT, what are you doing? Some people say is Shanghai dragon, what is the specific content? Some people cannot answer or feel shy to say. If you have appeal, please actively reflect, Shanghai dragon is what to do, I act as a what kind of role in.

algorithm is not the purpose of positive reflection is the purpose. Xiaobian want from WHAT, WHY, HOW of

HOW, how to do? If there are more people feel shy to say? Not a foreign man said, every day I just sit in front of the computer for 8 hours, doing the "copy and paste" thing. Dear webmaster friends, please be careful before

WHY, why do Shanghai dragon forced love??? A challenge? If you do know the purpose of Shanghai dragon, then congratulations to you is a qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon.

thank you!

do not know other webmasters to hear this voice, whether there are shared? Or are you still worry about it? For seriously want to do stand webmaster, this algorithm updates how a "cool Zile! But for those who usually do not pay attention to the station stationmaster, is sad.


the love Shanghai practice, I personally think it is a "humanized", at the bottom of the reminder to those guilty of the webmaster an easing in time, within a week, can have a thorough cleaning, cleaning the garbage site, make your site more beautiful.

!The original value?The introduction of the !

Chinese business network 贵族宝贝xunbiz贵族宝贝/, please indicate the source, please respect the original

just small voice, not despise any do stand webmaster webmaster, want to see more from this algorithm updates, there must be a reflection? What are you doing to Shanghai dragon? Why do you want to do in Shanghai Longfeng you do? Shanghai, in the end there is no

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After 90 months of graduation, 10 million millionaires, the company only recruit junior college stud

Guangzhou "90" students Langsheng

Wu Dan, graduated from University of Toronto. He became interested in the game when he was a student. And a lot of "success" is different, Wu Dan is not a "typical" Curve Wrecker, during the period of studying abroad, he has experienced a period of confusion, in a second year academic performance is not satisfactory, until the third and fourth to make efforts, in one fell swoop reversed the disadvantages.

in the summer of 2011, Lei Langsheng met online after 80 and several friends came to Shenzhen, rented a small house never saw the light of day, a team of 6 people, the mobile phone software development tour start. Langsheng Lei said: "during that time, the scope of our activities is less than 500 meters, sometimes for more than 30 hours of overtime." Sophomore summer is not over, the team’s first product "brush Wizard" first version of the official on-line test. That night, 6 people in the room near the barbecue stalls drunk and depressed mood release into tears.


under 30 years old upstart upstart

August 2012, is Langsheng Lei didn’t graduate to a month, the Tencent CEO personally, with 60 million yuan RMB wholly closed >



Wu Dan’s pioneering career is not smooth sailing. He first joined the game company, issued star product, but because of the difficulties and channel company decision-making mistakes, losing the competitive products in the market. But this failure has accumulated valuable experience for Wu Dan’s next venture. After leaving the original game company, Wu joined the real fund, began his investment career. In less than two years, he became the youngest vice president of the real fund, and invested several boutique games on behalf of the fund. With its near perfect investment success rate, it is considered one of China’s most successful game angel investors.

hero mutual entertainment president Wu Dan

for $60 million

soon, Lei Langsheng team get 1 million angel investment fund. In mid August 2011, the team incorporated technology limited, one of the players called "bottle", so they named the company "Shenzhen Bottle Technology Co., Ltd."". With the end of the year, Lei Langsheng team received a $18 million investment in shares. In 2012, sh419, Shanda, Tencent and other Internet giants began to get involved in the brush industry, the size of other competitors have emerged, in the face of great pressure of industry competition, the team to accelerate product update iteration, continue to maintain the leading position in the industry, won the domestic Internet giant’s favor and attention.

in 2015, Wu gave up the position of vice president of the real fund, and chose to cooperate with the book ridge, Huang Shengli and so on. "Entrepreneurship should understand" big pattern ", it should be considered" big account "." In the rapid development of the gaming now, as the core of personnel to lead the company forward, Wu Dan not only in the commercial play to its own advantages, at the same time the company also actively encourage the cultivation of good corporate culture. The company has to adhere to the "win-win" concept, form an equal and harmonious corporate culture, and give more incentives and incentives to team employees, so as to retain the core competition talents, and the development of the company will be more promising."

ray Langsheng is a 90 college students, in September 2009, he attended the Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College games, this is the school in the new professional. During college, Lei Langsheng interested in mobile phone software, often use their spare time to copy the mobile phone desktop, browse the latest dynamic technology. Mobile phone forum to send him in the post evaluation, has been named the top Pacific essence. Lei Langsheng in the school’s social circle is small, but it has many resources on the Internet, he met members of the entrepreneurial team through the internet. When he was sophomore, he decided to do UI design after graduation referring to the overall design of human-computer interaction, operation logic and interface aesthetics of software.

"pain is not wealth, it is thinking in pain", Wu said when it comes to his own life experience. Such thinking runs through his study, entrepreneurship, and development. With a strong curiosity about entrepreneurship, let him touch Chinese on the generation of entrepreneurs stories, develop their vision; and for the love of the game, let him alone on the back of the pack back, entered the game industry’s entrepreneurial journey.


December 1, 2016 to 2, the founding of the country’s 100 Leaders Summit and the 2016 annual meeting of the founding of enterprises in Beijing National Convention center. This year’s venture capital 100 summit of future leaders to "open the new wind" as the theme, and focus on the annual innovation venture focus and found the future of the new wind topic. As one of the highlights of this summit, "under the age of 30 upstart entrepreneurs, which is a component of the awards are finally minghuayouzhu". Wu Dan, President of hero mutual entertainment, was among them.

"when you’re really looking for your hobbies,"

Tencent bought its company


Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Liang, correspondent Lu Luming, Zhang Yinting reports: Guangzhou "90" students Lei Langsheng didn’t graduate, over a month, the rate of the mobile phone software development team is the Tencent to 60 million yuan price of the acquisition of a wholly-owned mine, with the fastest speed to become millionaires "". After a quick fortune, he bought the best house for his parents in the county of Shixing, but he still maintained the simple character of "no room, no car". This year, when the company recruited new people, some posts noted "only recruit college students", reflecting its "heroes do not ask the source" of the employing concept.

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The five major symptoms of traditional media internal entrepreneurshipMa Yun dealings talk about ent

mobile Internet, so that each individual’s level of understanding for the Internet society are rapidly improving, the network infrastructure to raise the level of popularity of smart terminals such as mobile phone, and more popular mobile applications associated with the life, so that more ordinary people can really feel the touch to the Internet, or the Internet thinking understanding, but the understanding level of social life as if the individual consumer perspective to look at all this change, any person’s level of understanding are likely to be qualified, however, as entrepreneurs, the understanding of the origin of the spirit of the Internet is a must, than ordinary, as individual consumers to understand more deeply, and the traditional media business staff not aware of their understanding of the Internet and for P >

went to the transformation of traditional media advertising, the original business model is not sustainable, or not enough to support the economy once the size of the body of the moment, the traditional media need to find more innovative business and new business model, based on the development of the Internet and mobile Internet new products and new business development has become a must, to solve the research and development of new products, new path business model innovation is simply the following methods:

or the acquisition of new products and new business strategy has investment value through foreign investment, this point, and not all of the media have such a vision, or a lack of vision of such a large investment funds, only to enter the capital market of the Chinese news, Zhejiang newspaper media group that is likely to try that is not universal.

is the first big yourself into the new media, this path is how many times, how many traditional media that is unable to obtain substantial results, on the one hand because of its genetic resources and lack of reality, but also because new media success now is recognized as the mainstream, itself does not make money, so alone new media itself is very weak.

in the face of internal need more transformation of the stock of employees, how to play their value in new products and new business development contribution has become a major issue, and encourage the media internal incubator will become a very good, very natural choice.

1, gene deletion disorder,

however, in the long-term fixed position, thinking inertia, and long-term form of elite consciousness, to some extent, also hindered the traditional media internal employees of the business transformation, on top of this, there is more need to face the challenge, or need to solve the crux of the problem, according to the Douglas experience summarizes several prominent the problem.

the full text is shown below:

before, MA in the "exchanges" talk about entrepreneurship, emotion, pain approved those who boast of their background of the company, saying that such a company is not a liar, is a big trouble company, to make less, less touch. Ma Yun expresses, the biggest backer of the enterprise is the market, it is a client. Those who rely on the "background" up the enterprise is equivalent to the beginning of a "time bomb", sooner or later will certainly be fried.


in the face of internal need more transformation of the stock of employees, how to play their value in new products and new business development contribution has become a major issue, and encourage the media internal incubator will become a very good, very natural choice.

The popularity of

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Hao throw 120 million was ma Dad fancy this new three board company 5 institutional shareholders ear

earlier, Ali software has been in May 24th, May 31st to 9 yuan / share transferee Yum software shareholders in the hands of 5 million shares, 1 million shares, the total holds 12% stake in Yum software.

June 1, 2017, yum software and Ali software signed the "share subscription agreement.". Ali software will be 120 million yuan in cash to subscribe 10 million shares of Yum software.

four years, the pleasant loan profit realized by negative positive, and continuous growth, and profitability has been a total pressure on the U.S. P2P leading shares Lending Club, which lost $77 million 400 thousand in the first half of this year.

1, Ali software spent 174 million into Yum’s largest shareholder, 5 institutional shareholders earn 29 million 460 thousand yuan, quit

after the completion of the subscription, Ali software shareholding ratio will reach 26.67%, the largest shareholder promotion. Accordingly, the total share capital of Yum software also increased from 50 million shares to 60 million shares, the valuation will also be completed from 225 million yuan to 450 million yuan, and then to 720 million yuan of the perfect three jump.

in addition to Yum software, Ali in the new three board direct investment in 7 companies. Are Hengda Taobao, Zhi Zhen intelligent, multi-dimensional, such as Han holdings, dragon map information, new film and hundred Cheng tour.

Fang Han recently in an exclusive interview with the Tencent of science and technology said, pleasant loans to enhance the performance of not completely beyond expectations, because the whole Chinese net loan industry grew nearly 1 times in the past year turnover, pleasant credit growth is only slightly better than the industry.

‘s stock price surge is evidence of a steady rise in net lending. Net profit in pleasant loans of nearly 4 years, 2013 losses of $8 million 340 thousand, 2014 net loss of $4 million 500 thousand in 2015, rapid turnaround, net profit of $43 million 800 thousand; the first half of 2016 reached $59 million 340 thousand, exceeding last year’s profit.

/ Tencent technology

shares issued before, Huang Fei and his brother Ma Fei were directly holding 14 million 713 thousand and 500 shares, 8 million 773 thousand and 500 shares, totaling 23 million 487 thousand shares held directly 46.98% stake; Huang fly through Shanghai Shengding indirect control of 8% of the shares of the company and Malone signed a "concerted action agreement", two people in total control of the company 54.98% shares, the Department of the company the common controlling shareholder and actual controller. After the release, the total control of two shares of the company reduced to 45.81%, is still the actual controller.

June 1st, yum software disclosure listing since the "virgin" set by the plan, the price will be 12 yuan to Ali software directed to issue 10 million shares, plus May 24th, May 31st to 9 yuan / share transferee 5 million shares, 1 million shares, Ali Software Holdings has reached 26.67%, unchanged in the 100 wins the actual controller software under the software become the company’s largest shareholder.

in fact, compared with the "method" introduced, "pleasant loan" this year is more concerned about the rapid changes in share prices. In February 12th this year, just listed in the United States, less than two months of pleasant loan shares fell from $3.35 to $10, who would not have expected that its share price will be more than 10 times in six months after the growth. In August 16th, pleasant loans hit a record high of $42.34.

Ma Yun again shot, Ho throw 120 million, successfully won the largest shareholder of Yum software seats.

on the afternoon of August 24th, the Interim Measures for the management of business activities of online lending information intermediaries hereinafter referred to as the "measures" for P2P networks were formally introduced. As the only one to the United States listed P2P company pleasant loan CEO, Fang Han was in the United States, due to the local time is early morning, she did not wait until the "method" introduced to rest.

but Wall Street did not think so, because of the "measures" to limit some pleasant credit loan business will be adjusted, affected by this, the pleasant loan shares fell 6.92 to 24.52 U.S. dollars, up 22.01% decline. At present, the pleasant loan price remained at about 20 U. S. dollars.

according to the net loan home disclosure of the latest data, in August 2015, China P2P net loan single month turnover of 97 billion 500 million yuan, and in August 2016, China P2P net loan single month turnover rose to 191 billion yuan, an increase of 95.9%. By comparison, with the fourth quarter of last year, the total amount of pleasant loans remained at an average of over 100% over the same period of the year

is different from the previous two "old stock Transferee", this time Ali really gave Yum 120 million. According to the fixed increase plan, this 120 million yuan of funds, 90 million will be used for new research and development, and 30 million will be used to supplement liquidity. New product research and development to all channel products, and all channel products are expected to occupy the big customer market in 2017. Look back >

woke up second days ago to receive a lot of mail and WeChat asked her about the "method" on the impact of the loan. She believes that pleasant loans as a listed company, information disclosure has been very complete, basically in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "measures", even if the industry’s most discussed 200 thousand borrowing limit, pleasant loans and only a handful of borrowing in more than 200 thousand, so it will not have a substantial impact on the platform.

less than half a month, continuous shot, spent a total of 174 million. 5 institutional shareholders Yum software, also a net profit of 29 million 460 thousand yuan successful exit.

it is worth noting that, after Ali software became the largest shareholder, yum actual controller is still Huang Fei and his brother Ma Longfei.

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EFriendsNet stop advertising picture baby in 2 daysLove travel founder Dictation low-cost outbound t

I am 17 years old in the tourism industry, tourism has been in the field of circulation, I have done all the work done, basically: Sales Manager and department manager, opened a shop in 2009, I founded the landscape travel network, but when the team is very small, when the number is 5.

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

loves to travel from the WeChat public platform, through the discount + time limit as traffic entrance, and provide users with a range of peripheral services. Founder Yuan Wei from 17 years old into the tourism industry, CTO Liu Yang is a thousand group team founder, two people from line + line to cooperate with, the team in rapid expansion.

then 2012 I spent half a year to study the supply chain, found that this thing really have a brilliant future: travel is concerned, every day they can update about forty or fifty single, a single product with our daily sale of products to do, as a form of independence. We call it a bargain model. Single end >

League address: http://money.yeeyoo/

‘s idea of a love trip is actually an idea of an accident. In 2012, while I was still working as a landscape travel network, a client from Ji’nan wanted to go to Maldives. I remember it very well. The price of that list is 15800 yuan. The first day of three p.m., we do customer service routine return visit, when the customer said his daughter-in-law fell ill, temporarily unable to go, see if you can refund. The supplier’s request is to report the customer’s list by 5:30 p.m.. I’m sure I can’t return it because the plane is leaving in second days. So I was in the micro-blog sent a message, said there is such a thing, we can see how much money from the news release to the list of sold, separated only for an hour, the last is 3000 dollars a single sold, sold a total of 6000 dollars. At that time I micro-blog only a few hundred fans, forwarding volume of more than 2000.

positioning special + outbound travel

notification: advertising pictures "baby" code, 2 days later, at 0:00 on September 20th, all failed, and related clicks will not be statistics. Please webmaster in time to make adjustments, to avoid unnecessary loss ~!

outbound tour of electricity providers how to ensure low discounts in the circumstances can make money? Love travel founder Yuan Wei brought everyone to share with him.

, it is very conducive to the spread of, that I can not be in the above point effort, to dig it? Although it may not be able to make a lot of money, but for the website to introduce traffic is very helpful, but later we have indeed confirmed this point.

following the founder of love travel network Yuan Wei Dictation:

I was like

love travel network was established in July last year, after the establishment of the 5 million to get angel investment, travel early in the year, but also accepted the bitcoin richest man Li Xiaolai hundreds of bitcoin investment, valuation millions.

Yuan Wei believes that the essence of tourism is the service, and how to provide users with better and more attentive service, is the future direction of love travel. In February, half a month, love travel income has reached about 6000000 yuan.