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Interpretation Google’s webmaster guidelines and content design guide (three)

2, a link on the page to control is reasonable in the number range of


, the first question in front of everyone’s thinking, now everyone should know the answer to the question. Next, we continue to look at the content of four.

Through the analysis of the above third

, design and guide to the contents of third content: will limit the specific links on the web page in a reasonable amount.

a link on the page to control in less than 100, because more than a certain number of links. May not be the search to the noble baby, noble baby official example is 100, more than the number of noble baby spiders "Shenmeipilao", will not crawl to the outside of the 100 links.

website is a specific page relative to our website for more important pages, like enterprise site’s home page, product catalog page, product page; industry website, information pages, site map etc.. If the page into the home page, content page, content page and site map, then there is a specific web page, directory page and site map.

With the development of From the

network technology.


1, which belongs to the specific page of the web site "


two design and guide to the contents of fourth content: the site should be practical and abundant information, "the text should be clear and accurate expression to convey the content.

design and content guidelines, has been the first interpretation of the content and in front of second’s today’s then come with you to the analysis of third and fourth of the content. Before the analysis, we first consider these two questions: first, first how many pages link layout more conducive to optimization? Second, your web page is clear and whether the article in accordance with the needs of users? With these two issues with the view’s design and content under the guide of the Google webmaster guidelines and third fourth, you will understand why everyone’s thinking about these two questions and know how to solve.

literally, we read these words, we are not confused about the specific page and reasonable number? So what pages belong to a particular web page? What is the range of reasonable number? It’s here to solve these two problems with everyone under analysis.

is always 1, website content is king

fourth content, we can understand that Google search engine grab love website is: in the station of the rich information and user reading value, clear website page. The emphasis here is the station for the editing problem, so how to do in the station of the editor? Here’s with you about the station editing skills and precautions.

(a) in the station of the editing skills

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Website optimization is different wedding photography station to Shanghai Dragon

wedding photography selection is very important, can say keywords determines the site conversion rate in the website is not a certain weight, we should choose those who have long tail keywords conversion rate, such as we do Changsha wedding photography, we will dig and Changsha related keywords, such as: Changsha wedding photography, wedding photography Changsha Changsha studio, wedding, wedding photography and video Changsha, such words for the optimization of difficulty is relatively small, but also has very high conversion rate; if the relative optimization of wedding photography, wedding photography, wedding photo studio > so hot

on the long tail word conversion rateKeywords

Shanghai dragon no stereotyped routines, methods also change with the webmaster optimization search engine algorithm change and optimization method will be eliminated by sticking to them, to please the search engine is the key to optimize the webmaster, Shanghai dragon not only methods 10% unchanged, and different methods for different types of industry, website optimization are not the same, such as small business station and the portal content update will have a big difference, what did not update the contents of small business website, 35 days to send the article may be able to keep the weight to maintain ranking, the portal must be updated every day, and have a certain number of support. For the website optimization webmaster believe in contact with a lot of industries, here’s what wedding photography website how to make Shanghai Longfeng (just share some personal experience):

home page

two, flash is fine but to the appropriate


, it is best to have the updated

content update allows website snapshot update more timely, more website weight lifting, let the keywords ranking better…… A web page content update is very important to analyze, from the previous optimization of Shenzhen wedding photography website, the whole page is filled with pictures, update the area without content, the spiders and users are not new things, in order to make the web page content, we can set up several suitable for wedding photography updates the plate, such as: wedding photography, wedding photography news activities, the latest post, user reviews and so on, this station has content update, will be driven by the weight of the website promotion.

many wedding photography website is made with the flash screen, it looks very beautiful, but is not conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, although the content we suffer, can force from the chain, such as blog, forum to promote binding site updates, but this effect is not ideal, especially the new website. Not all the weights are zero, even if you have the chain again strong, often also compete with others. So the wedding photography website to the appropriate control for the flash screen, is designed for best picture style, with ALT tags, as looks very beautiful, for navigation and some columns are even ZhengZhan flash, suggested a first revision before optimization, the optimization is very important to say.

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Novice reading search engines love what kind of pseudo original

first of all, we need to understand the search engine love what kind of pseudo original? Generally speaking, pseudo original up to about 70%, the appropriate increase in the number of words, in the love of Shanghai algorithm can be the default for the original article. So how to edit the pseudo original articles can play a better effect? You may wish to start from the following.

is the first choice to select a keyword with the website core related articles, such as micro enterprises (www.wqdian贵族宝贝) is a self-service platform, so we need to focus on the main content of the website, for example, can choose "how to use the micro enterprises from scratch to make a website similar to the" start editing. This is a content correlation very seriously, this is not a mistake, the origin, the starting point is wrong, rewritten again good pseudo original articles on the website promotion limited help, at most, can provide the website included, so start to seize the core does not shake. Don’t forget the heart, the party must always not only.

The quality of

Shanghai Longfeng elements

4), the best 1~2 with a high quality.

the best Shanghai dragon is in accordance with the user experience to achieve, so we selected articles, to be of value to the users, to meet the needs of users, and not random pile. The article also need to have good quality, such as no typos, punctuation, typesetting ming. In addition, pseudo original articles need to change the content of at least 1/3, otherwise ineffective.

1), the title of the best can be embedded in the core of the key

how to write a successful pseudo original

2), edit tags, best can extract main areas involved in this paper, including the core keywords

3), rewrite the introduction, refining the core idea, not more than 50 words.

content The correlation between

did Shanghai dragon friends all know, now Shanghai dragon is the era of content is king, no content, it is difficult to say to Shanghai dragon. The contents of the choice when the high quality of the original, this is the best nourishment for search engine. But the original content of the difficulty we all know, write original articles, occasionally can continuous production, the vast majority of people do not, so we are generally to reprint the content modification processing, make the search engine think your article is original, against the pseudo original article to improve website weight and ranking. So if you create a successful pseudo original article.

in the false original article place Shanghai dragon related elements, this is the key. After all, don’t forget our purpose is to promote the site, thus providing valuable information for users in the objective, is also required to meet their supervisor. From the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng elements, a few small places emphasize:

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The search engine is not easy to say let go


compared with ordinary Internet users, have stronger dependence on a group of search engines, that is the webmaster, of course, the author is one of them. A website to survive must flow, two ways to get traffic to the site: one is the website brand, two is the search engine, and to the webmaster speaking, impossible to give money to do brand advertising, we can only rely on search engine. The webmaster can say all the work around the search engine to carry out, in order to make their websites can have a good ranking in the search results, in order to get traffic.

depend on others, in the end still have to look at the other people, your optimization work to do better, the search engine algorithm once you update, the ranking may be out. Or your website ranking good, make some adjustment, may not how long your traffic cannot stop cut down. The optimization work has been responsible for over personnel recruitment network, website investment funds to do little media brand advertising, but has been to the low cost of the promotion strategy for route development, so most of the site traffic is from the search engine (70% from Shanghai, said that if love) website ranking drop, traffic impact on the site as can be imagined. In the development process of the website also appeared because of their reason for such problems.

in the network era, many people changed the search behavior, if there is no network, no search, do not know how many years will regress to the society. This era is vulnerable, the webmaster.

according to the latest research report of a survey released shows that Internet users around the world every minute of the search to about 1 million 400 thousand times, thus wide application of search engine. Search there so that we don’t have to try to memory, no longer think, even listening immediately, our mind emerges out of the so-called "key words".

recently, nobility baby love Shanghai this two major search engines continue to create "trouble" webmaster, first Google the PR value update frequently, the PR value of the site like a roller coaster, a site began a wide range of chain, causing the site Links changes frequently, bring instability risk factors to the net station. Then love Shanghai dare not lonely, included a large amount of face, not a surge is mad, included increase did not have to say, the website can not stand to lose, it will cause to the problem, but a few days later, included data back to normal, the rest of webmaster to find problem solving method, do not hard. After a lot of people think that this is the love of Shanghai "conspiracy", included positive changes in the amount of noble baby PR update, love Shanghai in order not to let all the attention to Google, only behind the conspiracy". The majority of owners who are injured, as of 360vsQQ last year, Chinese netizens very hurt. Like how search engines regardless of the interests of the webmaster to compete, we are helpless, after all, we rely too much on the search engine, it is difficult to let go.

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In Shanghai dragon Er requires three qualities

here for their keyword ranking. Only have the desire to have a power forward, but once we reached the top.

everyone in the school experience, Shanghai dragon did not do as a discipline Introduction (do not know with the development of electronic commerce will be Shanghai dragon as a course into the university classroom? Looking forward to ing) is often from a do not know what is the Shanghai dragon to optimize a website and independent the good ranking it requires two important things: learning and thinking.

second. The lack of subjective consciousness of thinking

you can think about is not the total words like floating in front of you right now: "the 1. I submitted to a search engine why haven’t included my site ah 2. yesterday I sent the article to be included? 3. months how I website optimization ranking nothing ah, how long can the fastest 4. put the word do first?" and so on, I want to ask the questions people ask yourself, you really should do all in place? If not, then don’t have so many problems, hurry, if done in place, so give yourself a little more patience, like communication as with others, not every day waiting for you with his / her exchange, also waiting for you and SE is not designed, it will be harvested (remember not to give up halfway).


learning is basically each willing to learn the new Shanghai dragon will do, hiding in all the major Shanghai dragon forum, Shanghai dragon imitate other people’s ideas and operational methods, observe their website ranking. Then, if always is imitation and do not have their own in the whole process of learning to think actively, get your own experience, so he will never have to grasp and the Shanghai dragon, the future of the road may be more and more confused, so, please take the initiative to think, don’t know only blindly imitate, compare your with the difference of competitors, look at your ideas with others in Shanghai Longfeng what is different, see who is better method.

Lack of patience

from 03 to 04 years of Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) has been introduced Chinese market, more and more people joined the ranks of Shanghai dragon. After nearly 10 years of precipitation, Chinese Shanghai Longfeng market has been showing a scene like a raging fire which includes: Shanghai, Phoenix, Shanghai dragon industry training outsourcing industry and related industries, we are very glad to be the first half of Shanghai dragon company accepted by the majority of enterprises in the year 05, when the Shanghai Dragon and preliminary introduction not like this attention, however, with the expansion of the Shanghai Phoenix market, Shanghai dragon industry gradually appeared many disturbing factors. Three the quality of these disturbing factors to explore with you we need most of Shanghai dragon Er (personal feeling in this paper is suitable for the new master, see more opinions).

third strong desire to win

.The desire of desire to win the

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Keywords mining precision make Xiamen decoration company search increasingdouble

tools to look at the user know love Shanghai recently often ask what aspects of the user to search the highest amount? What is the problem? Quick summary keywords, write an article on that.

how to accurately explore and expand keywords

is the first method, if the core keyword is decoration, then love Shanghai: decoration, then search below a drop-down box appears, there will be renovation renderings, decoration company etc..

The use of Fast mining and positioning analysis of

finally, can use the love Shanghai promotion assistant, click on the search keyword planner, Xiamen decoration company, search more accurate view of the respective keywords.

How to use the

webmaster to give website optimization is through the search engine to obtain user traffic, so that we will choose keywords to the site around this position, I believe we all know, many users search keywords, there are many forms, and that just want to understand the product and there is an urgent demand to buy the product in person the search time and ordinary visitors are very different but relatively speaking their input keyword will be more accurate.

finally, popular word + professional words, new keywords.

if the webmaster can grasp this rule, then positioning the site keywords will be relatively reduced a little difficulty, to see which keywords website statistics conversion rate is relatively high, and then do the optimization for the high rate of conversion of these words, so the effect will make you more confident to do optimization. In fact, every site in the brains of keywords positioning, after all is to make money, if the site jump loss rate is high, even if there is no traffic to be useless. Therefore, on the problem of the conversion, webmasters need to pay more attention to the.

if the webmaster maintenance optimization website is a very popular website industry keywords, so we worked in key to try to drive the industry hot words words, to achieve a feasibility after the reorganization of the keywords, such as search hot words, "free, hot, special offer" and other words is the common user you can, and the appropriate combination of keywords.

keyword to expand to write a high amount of reading articles

second method, if the core keyword is the decoration, then love Shanghai: decoration, a relevant search below, there are nine key words.


decoration company in Xiamen! First of all, website keywords into the core keywords and long tail keywords, positioning site keywords, first positioning the core keywords, core keywords is the industry, such as clothing, decoration, long tail keywords is brand word, classification of words, such as clothing brand, the style of the decoration etc..

third, Shanghai love index tools, analysis and check the keyword search volume, the keywords of the fastest rising hot topic, pay more attention to.

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On the station in the Shanghai Shanghai dragon love misunderstanding

Shanghai dragon in foreign countries has been very mature, in recent years in China have also begun to pop up. So now in the country to do the number of webmaster Shanghai dragon has been increased, will be in the next three years, the competition will be very fierce. But everyone in the study of Shanghai Dragon technology, don’t go wrong, today I share with you some of my personal experience, mainly for the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the hope can give the webmaster some help.

Second, the content of high quality website without Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Third, website templates modify the site right down

a website in the generation after, don’t again changed, especially in the sites have been included in the case. The search engine is also very hate website, the website ranking and so has a very large impact. So in the website generated before, we must consider the good information website of the entire layout, structure etc.. The website is generated, don’t change, so the weight of the website is very unfavorable.

Fourth, change the website space down the right

in the website before, to choose a good space. The best is independent under the IP server, good space for the user and search engine friendly are very important. If the space is not stable, certainly needs to be replaced, but will lead to drop right. I love Shanghai very strict, very easy to be K off.

fifth, end site generation no longer update to drop right

If a website generated after a station began to fill the content, then it is no longer updated for a long time. In this case, the search engine spiders will be very difficult to climb into the site inside. Lead is not ideal, not updated snapshot. A new generation of good advice, every day regularly for more

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Why two months of the site has been difficult to collect

website to provide users I analyzed, advanced into his website gave me the first impression is that this website programmer is certainly pit goods to the bottom of the dislocation, so ugly website also published, this is not one of the real reasons, the original degree is too bad, I casually in this website users to copy the contents of a brief introduction, put in a love Shanghai search, a list of the first page appear similar is 100% similar, this is obviously a copy of the station, and then take this netizen love Shanghai domain name search, the chain number five a finger can be counted, it is clear that this is the lazy one, the lack of execution, what is not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


site is not included one thing is really a headache, I think many webmasters have encountered such a situation! It makes many owners are very worried, because it is not included on the surface has been that the website itself to the search engine friendly is not how, but this is many webmaster the problems encountered by the Shanghai dragon city did not do a website or website to submit to the major search engines are generally two days will be included home page, content page will also gradually be included in it, is the method, not the new station is difficult to be found in the search engine under the Shanghai love, even if it is difficult to find included, you have to get a good in what place, if you do it the right way, is not included, the author of Shanghai dragon is empty Do the test, this method proposed to the users in the solution to the problem and then inform you! Then we’ll take a look at the users what the problem is

framework is a problem, the problem in the procedure, this website put on the Internet, even the children do not love the site, even if your game is standing, children are likely to have visual fatigue, not to mention an intelligent search engine, search engine is more and more close to human nature the review, is also extremely careful than human beings, so that the users before the line on the website "

) ! !

then I give the users the problems encountered after analysis suggested that the users how to solve the problem of

I a station now has more than two months, but until now have not been included, not previously encountered such a situation, also caused the chain, also updated the article, but is also not to be included or included has not been released, please friends who can help me, thank you (I am not to send the chain, I really do not know how to solve.

According to the

netizen "the memory of the fish" to the question:

: the first is not what sites are favored by a search engine


search engine is not included in your website on your website is not biased, but your search engine friendliness is very poor, not even your station is the cause of the new.

the Shanghai Dragon City:

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How to use various means to help enhance the website ranking optimization

A number of hot events

Net >

love told the Shanghai standard of the chain chain diversification helps to improve

A chain of the information

love Shanghai chain standard revealed a web site outside of the chain can’t be garbage, cheat, invalid outside the chain, but also can not rely on some incorrect behavior of the construction of the chain, which caused widespread ponder the webmaster, as a webmaster can love Shanghai revealed this information into the chain website the chain must be diversified, diversification can help to enhance the site’s ranking. We can see a lot of sites with signature in some forums, web site automatic replies and so on, the construction speed of the chain is also very fast, often in a month you can build a chain of tens of thousands of, and these the chain useful? No, because the love of Shanghai is not recognized, but the chain has diversified love can make Shanghai feel the sincerity of the webmaster, so as to provide the impetus for the website rankings.


although many site program is now free, but behind this there are also a lot of free thinking, free resources to help improve website rankings? As a webmaster in the process of establishment of the station should have the Shanghai Dragon Technology and code of skilled degree, a website should establish a variety of code the form, such as 403, 404, set the NOL tag set, all code calls and so on, through the code in the form of diversification let love Shanghai search engine of the website that is independent of the procedure and technology, so as to lay the foundation for the site in love in Shanghai impression, to understand the love of Shanghai is crawling the web web code but, in the code to work on is to help a way of website promotion.

from the 25 love Shanghai public information can be seen in the love of Shanghai on site outside the chain is more and more perfect, attributed to one point: the chain must be diversified. For example, previous methods by the forum signature, the establishment of the chain blog search engine has gradually been eliminated, the previous single by Links, sending machine chain was also set up a search engine that is cheating methods, from which we can see: the site outside the chain must be varied by.


every day now will appear in different industries, whether these events for society is good or bad, but for a webmaster to seize the hot events will contribute to the website rankings. We can now see many sites with the help of a hot industry to improve the included, this practice has caused us to ponder: love Shanghai as a search engine, the website is hot events it needs to create news and user needs more in the content industry, so as a webmaster in website operation process should also perform a variety of publicity and content editing seize the hot events, so as to lay a good foundation for the website rankings.


hot events contribute to the diversification of website promotion


code in the form of diversification helps to improve the technical quality of love Shanghai

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Webmaster from nine aspects of search engine pretreatment (1)

third, remove stop words: we often contain some exclamation or auxiliary to semantic expression in real life, the Internet is also so, whether it is Chinese or English, there will be some frequency is very high, but there is no real impact on the content of the word. A common "" "" "and" auxiliary, also have "ah" "ha" "ah" exclamation, there will be a "but" and "take" such as adverbs and prepositions. In the search engines, these no substantive words collectively referred to as stop words. The search engine will remove the stop words when crawling web pages, so that the more prominent theme, will also reduce the amount of calculation.

pretreatment is everyone can not see, are the search engine daemon, from the nine aspects from the analysis of each stage and all of the pretreatment, hope that the webmaster see there is a general understanding, due to limited space, today from three aspects to share, if there is wrong also, please.

second, Chinese word: word for noble baby also exist, but generally speaking are Chinese segmentation. For English, only need to split according to the words on the line, and the Chinese happens more often than English are much more complex, so for the Chinese search engine, especially love Shanghai, to consider the use of China users, so to also have their own unique place on segmentation. In the website optimization, we can do little for segmentation, tell the search engines what words together is to belong to a word can only be bold or using H tags.

I believe we are not unfamiliar, the index is called many webmaster or other data in Shanghai dragon". To search engine, the index is one of the most important steps, and web crawling and ranking has a direct relationship. The search engines crawl the page and cannot be used for ranking, because the data on the Internet is huge, so when the user may not in real time from all the web pages retrieved and returned in the search, but the search engine from their database results returned to the user. This database is pre treated, so there is a pretreatment argument.

fourth, noise cancellation: you may not understand what is called noise, noise in the Internet, means that there is no substantial help page elements on the theme of the site, such as a lot of copyright text, navigation and contents of advertisements. The classification and historical archive page Page > in many blogs

Pretreatment with

first, extract the text: now Internet information or text-based search engine, so the key or text from a web page, we see a lot of pictures, including video and JS technology to user ranking content. So for search engines, web page text extraction is the first thing to do. In addition to some common text body, also includes extraction Meta tags in the text and pictures of the ALT label and so on. Another is the anchor text, anchor text in the role of web page ranking is very important.

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The chain is the point to the surface content is everything


because of the need to work, to send Post Bar every day, of course, the fat man also casually help his hair stand outside chain, we all know that Shanghai is a good place to do Post Bar love chain absolutely, do the second effect, more awesome than behind. Or the weight is more high, but today suddenly found in front of you take 3W, repeat the test several times, click the submit refresh Post Bar not, nor what error. As shown in figure

In this paper,

people from having one thing, let it give up and choose a new way is very hard or are not willing to, when Shanghai Longfeng habits in Shanghai know very love and love Shanghai Post Bar chain, suddenly found not made, the heart is very sad, very to promote his most love children like toys.

love Shanghai each launch of a product, Shanghai dragon mining personnel should do local chain is the most effective, marketers should study how to become their own weapon, thinking about love in Shanghai station we squeeze. published by the Pearl River news network series, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you and I thank you for your cooperation! The new 100 news media communication group of 131303239, welcome to join us.

what a platform can replace the love or love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar know, please listen to the man on the next time.


content is king, the chain for the emperor. Always in mind the meaning of this sentence, is your book, that inside you, the equivalent of a person’s inner cultivation. The chain is your quality, your external, a beautiful woman. From the point to the surface, is the essence of the chain, is the essence of the content. You know these is the king of Shanghai dragon.

recommended reading "genuine" marketing master have?

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to grasp the key trade-off

, according to the key words to choose their own factorsThe main factors of

everyone has a greedy heart, Shanghai dragon Er too, want to put all the words make up a good idea, but it is difficult to become a reality, in the choice of key words, people should learn to think of its choice, choice of keywords to consider from three aspects:

in real life, a lot of things that are not possible at the same time. For example, we have an enviable love, perhaps not very ideal work; we can work very hard, perhaps lost on the other half of the concern, although sometimes very want to get everything ready, but a person’s strength is limited, it is difficult to do all aspects of the pink of perfection. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the choice of keywords that, when we optimize a website, always want to do some more words, let them have the rankings, let your website can have more traffic, but is often counterproductive, not only did not put all the keywords to do, even the most important words no ranking, in the course of time, become a reluctant to mention the events of the past.

three, according to the conversion rate of

can be divided into two kinds: one is the Shanghai Dragon technology, if he is a novice rookie, due to the lack of the knowledge of the industry and technology, in the choice of keywords should focus on the key words that competitive small and easy to optimization, and the optimization of the key words not too more than one or two, which is very helpful to the optimization of confidence. The two is a matter of personal time, everyone’s time and energy is limited, many owners are working during the day, go home at night to engage in site, we found that the time is actually very limited, limited only things in this limited time, must be considered in the choice of keywords is the problem, if there is enough time to optimize.

to select keywordsThe

site weight to an important role for the keyword ranking, it is no wonder that many people will say, as long as the site has the weight of what things are good! Indeed, a weight high site in the optimization of the key words than others advantage is very obvious, in the choice of keywords, you can choose those keyword, general a flow of words are more competitive, but our website is strong enough, in the competition to their advantage can be talent shows itself.

two, according to the website weight selection keywords

< > We found

website in addition to the flow and conversion rate, especially for some sell products to sell service website, there is no traffic conversion rate, more are equal to zero, the choice of words, we can also analyze each of those keywords, keywords conversion rate is relatively high, we should be recorded. What is not what keywords relationship to user conversion, we should eliminate this objective choice of reasonable layout, play a multiplier effect in our optimization.

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Disposition shallow talk Shanghai dragon industry and the source of evil and attitude

The period of development of

has learned Shanghai dragon, whether from head to foot, or the foot of the head, if in a certain time accumulation reached no income, so in a timely manner to attractive potato, how many people will have to give up the idea. The so-called high theory, often may be a mind adjustment.

A.: spontaneous


quality problems will not only affect our business growth rate, and will cause a major blow to the industry, although the whole society is slowly repair quality of.

industry, has a key position, this position is the convergence of business site, it is grafted development relationship between the customer and the company, will also drive the individual small areas of the industry in a humble position of the grassroots, enough to affect the entire industry business think of the chain, not the quality of the clerk, or how much time you can say that the top salesman, in the negotiations, those high-profile employment will be a moment to wash their hands, and cater to the next customer, which play a role in the operation of power is often money quality, rather than more business the quality of company thought is for the development of the company, customers want more to want to spend some value, rather than send these look decent company To please the eye of more industry.

do like between Shanghai dragon friends know big abuse white hat Shanghai dragon, is a long, slow onset, but the rapid effect of another is the industry rules and draw further apart the customer wants the imagination, feel that this is not difficult in the entire industry, like those who said the low quality of business customers perhaps, your demand is too high, that money can do, but in the white society, money can not be quick work, but it is absolutely possible to work, otherwise it is not the mainstream market popular white hat, black hat but more deceptive or other speculative market.

But the marginal effects of these

seems to be run away in this impetuous society, always inadvertently it will find a two, this is bad, they are always those in many places.

1. professional quality


2. run away But the

China Shanghai dragon industry from 2002 to 2008 in succession development, mature to today’s market, search Shanghai dragon can be found all kinds of mature enterprises, Shanghai Longfeng tools, extension services, optimization platform, can be said that the industry has been to a very mature stage, and mature industry means will slowly into the slow stage and lags behind the development of era, not only that, the development of the business chain in the industry has also appeared in a variety of broken phenomenon, and even run away phenomenon.


b: is intimidation:

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Shark Site Title How to write better optimization

3, title in the optimization of words try not to too much control in the 3-5 within. Too little, the weight of the home page will waste too much weight, too scattered is not conducive to the keywords ranking. On this point, you can see my "search engine"

in accordance with the above words, it is not the title can write? Of course not, write the title or some restrictions.

4, title do not go to.

maybe you are not familiar with website optimization, but I think you’re somehow wrote the article! In fact, the title is written title writing, the article summarizes the contents with a few simple words. The title of the site is, he is used to tell the search engines, tell the user of your site to do what you can, what kind of service. So from this aspect, what do you use symbols ("_" "|" "-" "," ") the impact on the user experience is not much, have a great impact on the search engine ranking is not natural. If you do any programming, it is easy to understand, usually a complete program will have a parser can parse out some special symbols. Love Shanghai also has the function of the program, and I believe the analytic symbols with improved search engine algorithm is increasing. Now we can know the title of the "_" "|" "-" "," love can be parsed into space in Shanghai.

In order to confirm the above what is the difference?

, I guess, with a little experiment to prove it. The experiment is very simple, a popular word search, judging by the number of search results page of the difference between each symbol. Are the "beauty salons" _ "beauty salon |" "beauty salon" "beauty salon", "beauty" and "beauty", "beauty salon beauty salon" @ # ""… Results showed that there were various combinations, check out the search results page is "love Shanghai, find relevant web pages about 93900000", and the front page site ranking didn’t change what. Through this simple test, we found that most of the analysis of the title of symbols can be very good for the love of Shanghai space. So you don’t need to tangle with what symbols more favorable optimization, this effect is very little.

is often Shanghai Longfeng novice asked: the title of the site how to write? What are the rules? How to write more conducive to optimization? "_" "|" "-" "," or other symbols

1, title word limit, Shanghai love can usually read 56 bytes, or 28 Chinese characters. Other search engines slightly higher, but most of the 30 Chinese characters for all optimization, so you try to search engine optimization control in 56 bytes.

cake principle analysis

2, title in addition to your website operation direction, is also used to optimize the key words, so the title can naturally embedded you optimization keywords, is very helpful to the ranking.

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345 Shanghai Dragon Interpretation of reverse link errors

some people may want to argue, I stand in the optimization is very perfect, reverse links to the home page is enough, the spider will automatically grab all my page. If you are serious for the statistics of the words, you will find the site included rate of 70% has been quite good. Why backlinks to the content page, classification page, product page, the answer is: "how a class was named outstanding school class", make clear that the matter is very important, can be said to be a pressing matter of the moment.

Effect of

with the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon Er is essential to business personnel, although the domestic Shanghai dragon Er number every day in the substantial increase, but this does not mean that Shanghai Dragon technology is also rising, many people think that Shanghai dragon threshold is low, regardless of whether you have a base, can quickly get started. The Shanghai Dragon technology is such a thing, but build up the family fortunes, really? If so, then I would like to ask: domestic Er monthly income of tens of thousands of Shanghai dragon has several domestic Shanghai dragon Er can really put the Dragon Feng Qing Dao Ming said, how many people are there in · · ·

Other aspects of the Shanghai dragon

2, the most common site of reverse link building

1, the reverse link in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process

return to the topic at the present stage, the reverse link construction work most of Shanghai dragon Er focus on the home page, whether it is a hyperlink, or anchor text to URL address directly to the front page of the site, this approach is largely misleading industry novice, the home page ranking is important, but the column page, content page the product page is quite important.

we do not say, Shanghai dragon has several stages also aside, just on the topic of "reverse link" and we discuss

in the webmaster circles, the most essential is Shanghai dragon related data, news, experience and methods. But each share experiences seem to have been very busy, do not have too much time to share their experience to the novice friends. Almost all of the share is all about some theoretical knowledge, I do not deny the importance of theoretical knowledge, but it is taboo to spread hundreds of thousands of times the industry information, skills and methods, and some Shanghai dragon Er is never willing to tell the truth, afraid of their own experience is plagiarism, afraid of their own experience than abuse this is our performance, that means you will have a treadmill, unable to progress.

I love to a web site to a class, love the search engine to the school, while the station / Shanghai Longfeng Er is a teacher. To fully understand the role of reverse link, it is necessary to solve a class to be selected as the best school class! I think, if you can make the things clear, understand the whole, then the reverse link exists meaning was very clear.

3, how to allocate the reverse.

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Recognize the Shanghai dragon road is on the verge of death or destruction of grey keywords

and a lot of people fall into the gray area, the beginning of the new year may be a lot of people know Shanghai dragon industry has reached a time incompatible, but engaged in Shenzhen website optimization professional Meizhou Peida network that the Internet will enter to this exhibition fist, there is a good saying "line but the champion" mentality must straighten out, since Mr Xi took office, the first is "thunder anti drug" to the recent "thunder pornography" I think again soon will be "anti drug". The reality of the society so, so the Internet is so, Meizhou Peida network Shanghai City Longfeng think the Internet with social reality, not what difference, so we advise you to engage in Shanghai dragon or just enter soon, there are those who want to enter the Shanghai dragon working people recognize a word "Shanghai dragon road is on the verge of death or destruction of grey keywords".

micro-blog said "sex workers and all people should enjoy the same rights to choose their own work, have to muddy the water.

first grey is not easy to do is easy to fall in love with the sea K


in Meizhou Peida network for everyone to put forward three points to avoid entering the gray area on the red carpet in Shanghai dragon "


grey always love hate words in Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng workers to earn their first bucket fell in love with the sea.

why a look in conformity with the law and ethical "campaign" will lead to controversy? Public resentment is not "anti", but in "anti" personnel often take off pants pants on prostitution, pornography, become "little sister" regulars. In addition, according to Dongguan’s "behind" there are two kinds of situations. Dongguan is already a prostitution pillar of the economy, tourism, hotels, restaurants and even Hong Kong and Macao investment in factories are related to it, the local people of the "cake" when, people are worried about the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people; the two is to attack dissidents, such as prostitution and family planning policy analogy, even

many in Shanghai Longfeng workers will be put on the Internet this industry formed a gray industry, what is the gray industry, generally speaking, is in the edge of the law industry is illegal but not illegal industry. Such as pornography, gambling, etc., in the further understanding of the true gray industry keywords in the search engine is not allowed to appear bidding. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, gray industry also in the period of development, gray industry profits generated by the unthinkable.

Shanghai Longfeng workers are well aware of the mainland after the Spring Festival holiday, a "heavyweight" news led to a public level two to pornography. The impact on the prevalence of prostitution, marriage and family, order, drug trafficking and other derivative "evil", from this point of view, regardless of the media exposure Dongguan police prostitution or "anti", was the right thing to do. In the CCTV broadcast reports, with public opinion on the network is a Tucao, teasing, ridicule, sarcasm, and said, this is not the only one.

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The original content of the site is really in line with the user experience


I have always stressed that the search engine as an ordinary user to look at, can not go to Shanghai to Shanghai dragon and phoenix. The amount collected and website keywords ranking is not directly related, but Shanghai Longfeng optimization process cannot do without your search engine. The content of the web site needs to meet the needs of users, we publish original articles at the same time to consider whether the content can help users understand what he wanted to know whether he can, to help users solve the problems to be solved. In short: the website is user oriented.

with love Shanghai search for the latest updates, original content more and more pay attention to the site. According to the "Web2.0" with anti spam Raiders, many webmaster think, website content is original content, concept acquisition and pseudo original in the "junk". Here, Jiaxing Shanghai Longfeng not only have a doubt, is every webmaster is to edit the

website ranking and ranking

to tell you the truth, you do not care about the user whether the article is collected or copied. We think, as an ordinary user enters search engine search content, we hope to get what? We want to get our search content that can solve the problem for our page. Of course, if you’re content users on multiple sites have seen similar things, that is to say what the user experience.

and user experience of the website originality

analysis of website user search habits, grasp the user’s reading psychology, this is the real website original content, which is conducive to search engine ranking experience of original content and user needs.

three, how to correctly view the relationship between

, in order to go to

content from Jiaxing Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 Jiaxing Hao large network science and technology limited company original, reproduced please bring chain >

The master?

can not be denied that the original content of the site is the love for the search engines. In fact, in our Shanghai dragon in the process of mining, a lot of long tail keywords contains extremely rich user experience. For example: XX products top ten XX products, which is good, when we write the contents of the article, to take into account the user how to think. The user wants to search out is valuable to him, or interest.

The original

two, it is important to improve the user interest in reading is king

if starting from the perspective of a search engine, the original article can for the weight of the website to a certain extent, and included but careful webmaster will find that not every original article search engine will be included. The search engine is a certain specification for content and structure, from the user point of view whether your paper is readable.

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Website promotion chain operation 7 ultimate skill

, the release of the chain to

website optimization is like a person practicing martial arts, pay attention to packaging, ignore the site itself belongs to the quality of "outwardly strong but inwardly weak". As the saying goes: the practice of breath, muscles skin. Website optimization has inside and outside of the points, structure optimization, content optimization, code optimization, chain optimization and internal optimization belongs to the site. The range of external links the site belongs to the "bones".

two, common way chain and release techniques

2.1, Links

said the release of the chain, some people will say that the chain is not promotion website? If you ask that you were wrong from the beginning.

outside the chain of different modes have different effects, so to understand why I do the chain is very important, is likely to reach sales of intent, may be in order to improve the PR, may be to increase the reverse link, is likely to increase website traffic. What you want to, you know what to do. It can not only enhance the effect, but also can reduce a lot of efforts.

release is the website chain Website Optimization Website optimization keywords essential lessons, need the support of the chain to achieve the relevant keywords ranking, but the website traffic needs the help of the chain to increase the need to give users access to Google PR, we all know that the chain is one of the fastest growing PR method is one of the most effect so, the website of the chain is released site optimization promotion essential lessons, but we do website optimization, the chain release may not start, or spend a lot of energy have not obvious effect. To this end, I would have so far released outside the chain of methods and techniques used to make a systematic summary today. Can say this is the ultimate tutorial site optimization chain released after reading this article, you don’t need to see the other chain article. This will be a long hope that the patience to watch.

technique is: try to do Links and the same type of website, is helpful to enhance the weight of such key words. We must check the number of the chain of the site, as for the reason to look at before I wrote the first article on the PR value of the article improve the PR value do not blindly do external.

Links is in the first place is because it has been the webmaster cognition, and Links role we are clear. It mainly has three functions: 1, improve the PR value. 2, improve the anchor link (keyword ranking) 3, bring some traffic.

1.1, understand the purpose of the chain

Use the

is now common Links mainly two ways. One is the link between the two is independent, self webmaster exchange links, can go to find some related resources in the forum or QQ group. There is a Links exchange platform, a platform for the exchange of self-help, also issued a special information exchange platform.

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Matters on the construction of classified information website should pay attention to the chain of

(1) title to attractive. As we all know, a lot of time to bring our classified information website often more than one outside the chain, also can bring a lot of effective traffic for us, only the title is attractive in order to truly let users browse the information you most willing to, to have the effect on the title, don’t speak too tactful, with 9 to 16 words within the user needs described is a very effective title.

count today’s classified information website is dazzling, but the classification information website though, but it is relatively complex, if Shanghai dragon Er do not know will enter the screen about the so-called "chain trap". So the selection of classified information website is the first point of the chain construction. How to select classified information platform? This time according to our website keywords or to promote products and services to decide. In fact, I do not agree with the 58 city, love and other large horn classified information released outside the chain, because of the classified information website weight is high, but there is an obvious disadvantage is that the information is too broad, it will lead to the chain of correlation decreases, the author believes that Shanghai Dragon er can be classified information website to choose corresponding according to their own area or industry, for example we want to release Beijing appointment classification information released outside the chain, should go to the Beijing life service platform information on the site, so the chain correlation will be higher, also can attract more effective flow, improve the site conversion rate.


(2) to have a different title. The title has the difference, this technique is mainly aimed at the search for the cause, I love Shanghai more and more captious included, many times the title will not be too similar to love Shanghai included, so in considering appealing, must write the title on the fall in love with the sea

we generally classified information in the construction site outside the chain to publish articles or news such as content for the chain, and the title of the article plays a role in the finishing point, Shanghai dragon Er had to pay attention to things. So when the release of classified information website posted outside the chain of how to develop a good title?

second: to develop an attractive and have the difference of Title

of classified information website

: the first choice is the key

chain construction is one of the essential work of Shanghai dragon, I do not believe that, Shanghai dragon Er were able to set out the construction method of a lot of the chain: the forum outside the chain, the chain blog, soft outside the chain, a chain of video chain….. And classification of information site outside the chain is the most affected by Shanghai dragon Er welcome, this chain is relatively easy to do, but also need to pay attention to certain methods, let the author to share classified information matters construction site outside the chain to pay attention.

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Personal summary of several key elements of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

web interface is beautiful. You want to get home page ranking, website interface to meet the needs of the user experience, designed for users of the page to get search engine certainly.

to learn new knowledge and experience. Shanghai dragon is a continuous learning industry, need to practice constantly sum up, try again, is a long process of accumulation.

patient decides success or failure. Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the short term there is no effect, if you are responsible for the new station, the increasing need of high quality articles and high quality the chain, need patience, insist on, website long-term accumulation of resources, can bring good traffic to the site.

using web analytics tools. Do anything to see the results, as well as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon need to speak with the data, the data can be seen in Shanghai dragon optimization effect. Increased cnzz in Shanghai at the bottom of the site or love to observe change daily site traffic statistics.

Shanghai dragon long. Don’t think Shanghai dragon is too simple, can a few days to let website traffic over several times, these are not realistic. The search engine also has been changing algorithm is also necessary so try to optimize the different means of the old method or will be eliminated.

Set the

and meta related tags. The crucial factor is the page ranking title, the title directly determines the search engine rankings, good title can have a good ranking. Meta Description will not have much impact on improving search rankings, can let the user know what page in the description of the content, indirectly determines the user is willing to click on the page, Keywords tag writing now has little effect, not what impact on search engine rankings, but also by.

analyzed before execution. First consider the site for what keywords, to its research, choose the best traffic in general, in the home page is what website, how to carry out the layout of the keywords, set a different column.

Shanghai dragon is essential in various industries, many enterprises from Shanghai station to Shanghai dragon love auction natural optimization ranking, can reduce the cost, whether it is business or business, or personal blog, to which Shanghai Longfeng optimization plays an important role. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not what skills, master with the search engine optimization method, and insist for a long time. The author summarizes the following key skills, I hope to help the webmaster.

Each page should have a unique

Sitemap page can not be less. Deep in the page, the search engine is illegal crawling, sitemap provides an important page search engine website, search engine to understand the structure of the site, the structure of Everfount grab a web page.

page URL structure. As far as possible for the optimization of the keywords in your URL page, such as "Shanghai dragon", including URL, this page ranking is better.